SCANA Energy


Utility Operations Center Upgrades Mission-Critical Functions

SCANA needed a partner for design validation and build services for utility operations center upgrades to monitor power transmission and gas pipeline functions, as well as an electric simulator for training purposes.

Diversified served as the client’s design validation consultant, and proved through an exhaustive process that character heights for the operators managing the display walls would be of sufficient height for readability from the operator workstation positions. Integrated into the electric transmission control room was a custom-built, 8 x 3, 80’ display wall structure with appropriate screen technology to accommodate aggressive off-axis viewing angles.

Flanking the main transmission grid wall are two 4 x 3, 50” Mitsubishi cube walls. The top row of each 50” wall required Fresnel offset, in order to maintain perceived brightness for off-axis viewing. The gas pipeline center included 4 x 3, 50” Mitsubishi wall and the simulator included three edge-blended 3-chip, ceiling-mounted Christie projectors and operator-recording technology for instructional playback.

All display walls are driven by redundant display wall processors operating in either the Windows or Linux environments. In all spaces, Diversified provided supporting audio for audible alarms and video playback. Diversified provided support to the architect on acoustics, mechanical, electrical (including lighting), furnishings and storage.

SCANA is pleased with their utility operations center upgrades utilizing Diversified’s technology and ergonomic solutions for their mission critical environment and are actively using it 24/7/365.


Metro Water Services

Metro Water Services

Technology Meets Historic Preservation in Utility Operations Center Modernization

Modernization of Metro Water Services’ treatment plant was needed to facilitate monitoring of drinking water, drainage and improve operational efficiency. The 1929 facility was converted from a manual operation to one with a fully automated instrumentation and control system. In a location listed on the National Registry of Historical Places, Diversified was challenged with marrying a modern control room
with historic brick architecture.

Starting with an empty brick shell, Diversified provided design-build services for the utility operations center modernization including operator stations, lighting and acoustics for the control room and war room. The build-out was strictly superficial; nothing could be connected to the historic structure. Five sit/stand operator stations, each with a clear view of the 4×3 video wall, were created in the multi-tiered, c-shaped control room. The custom video wall has sound-dampening components and is flanked by monitors on winged walls for maximum visibility. Barco CMS software moves mission critical data around the Metro Water network for real-time, operator-specific information, alerts and SCADA applications.

A kitchenette was installed adjacent to the video wall for convenience. The war room is used for crisis operations as well as daily meetings, accessing content via re-purposed LCDs. The goal of improving operator efficiency and effectiveness has been met. Operators are sharing a common operational picture and can dispatch and push content out to the field through the scalable solution. With clear visibility through tilted glass walls, tours of the facility are regularly conducted for the Mayor, City Council and schools from the mezzanine.

The project won the Metropolitan Historical Commission’s 2017 Preservation Award as well as the ACEC Engineering Excellence Award in the Building/Technology Systems category.


Georgia System Operations Corporation

Georgia System Operations Corporation

Expansive Video Wall for Mission Critical
Visualization of Electricity Operations

Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC) strives to make connections that ensure fulfillment of reliable, economical electricity for its members, from generation to transmission and distribution. Toward this objective, GSOC upgraded its transmission control center to modernize operations and provide greater situational awareness to its operators. The centerpiece is an expansive video wall for mission critical visualization solution displaying crystal clear data and graphics while empowering efficient visual collaboration.

Like most transmission and distribution companies, GSOC has historically relied on a static map board to monitor electricity operations. With a growing need to combine and visualize many of today’s dynamic software applications, GSOC engaged Diversified to develop a turnkey video wall solution and create a fully integrated platform comprising an 8 x 4 matrix of Barco 70” display walls, an ECU-100 controller and control room management software (CMS).

Using Barco’s CMS software, operators and managers can control content on the main video wall and adjacent panels. They can share EMS workstation content and application windows on any screen, easily moving information from one desktop to another using CMS’s Sidebar GUI. Managers can also select information presented on any workstation or display wall in the Main Control Center and exhibit content live in other rooms.

Sidebar users can view any source in real time for 24/7 situational awareness. They can create, store and display “perspectives” (groups of sources) with other Sidebar users or send these perspectives to any PC or the ECU-100 controller, equipped with a Display Agent. The Sidebar “Squid Mode” gives any operator seamless control of the ECU-100 controller’s mouse and keyboard by moving the mouse from the monitor to the display wall.

With the ability to create a common operational picture of multiple sources, operators enjoy greater access to information to make faster, better decisions and fulfill its promise to its members.


AGL Energy

AGL Energy

Integrated Audio Visual Solution To Reflect A Brand’s Easy, Approachable Style Of Business

AGL Energy’s workplace, built on top of Southern Cross Train Station in Melbourne’s central city, had to adapt readily to the changing needs of the organization and its 1,500 Melbourne-based associates. AGL has adopted a style of working which aims to enhance collaboration, allow for better use of space and resources, and reenergize the workplace. Therefore, the project required an integrated audio visual solution that would provide a consistent look and feel across various systems, was easy for associates to use, and could be monitored and supported remotely.

Diversified worked closely with AGL to tweak the initial brief in order to deliver a consistent experience across all audio visual enabled spaces. AGL had identified early in the process that emerging technologies such as Microsoft room integration and wireless presentation facilities were key in supporting their Activity-Based Working (ABW) model. Diversified worked closely with vendors and AGL to build room prototypes to evaluate the new technologies and determine the best approach to integration.

As the largest ASX-listed owner, operator and developer of renewable energy generation in the country, sustainability was high on AGL’s agenda and achieving a 5-star Green Star rating for its new workplace was a priority.

Diversified provided an integrated audio visual solution to facilitate the objectives of the company. Audio visual systems and services include: 59 collaboration spaces; 8 enclosed meeting rooms; 2 training centers; 29 Microsoft-based video conferencing rooms; 9 open collaboration tables; 1 large function room; 6 open display areas; 35 digital signage displays; 13 interactive displays; 20 huddle rooms; an integrated IPTV and digital signage system; and a system monitoring and performance application.

At the completion of the project, Diversified was engaged to provide a full-time onsite technician resource to provide on-going AV support and training as well as to assist with every day operational performance.


GE Power

GE Power Canada

Revolutionary Audio Visual design and integration delivers on innovative brand promise for clients and staff

When General Electric (GE)’s energy techniques company, GE Power, embarked upon building a $40 million, 200,000-square-foot facility in Markham, Ontario, Canada, they sought out Diversified to be a technology partner who could provide an audio visual design for a one-of-a-kind Global Innovation Center designed to educate clients on GE’s full suite of energy management tools. The center would include a Grid IQ video wall, numerous meeting rooms that allow individuals to work together in real-time across the globe, a gym and fitness studio, and a cafeteria that doubled as a town hall meeting place.

One training room can be divided into two separate rooms with a motorized wall and is equipped with a 70” LCD interactive display and video conferencing system that allows for simple and effective global conferencing and training sessions. The room also features several large interactive touch screens, a projector and a fully integrated audio system. The facility’s executive boardroom is equipped with a Crestron system that controls an automated projector, audio conferencing system, table-mounted microphones at each seat and ceiling-mounted microphones that provide an unobtrusive solution for presenters. Finally, in the collaboration room, Diversified provided an interactive whiteboard, in-ceiling speakers, microphones, a video conferencing system and a projector to accommodate any type of meeting and interaction. All of the room’s functions can be managed through the Crestron control system on a wireless Crestron touch screen device.

Additionally, GE knows that happy, healthy associates are productive associates, so they had Diversified integrate fitness studio technology that provides a personal experience. At each station, associates can plug in their personal devices to listen to music or watch satellite TV or DVDs. And, adding to the Global Innovation Center’s sense of community, the cafeteria serves double duty as the location for Markham’s GE staff town hall meetings. The cafeteria features a projector and five LCD displays with built-in speakers to display cable programming or video presentations for town hall meetings, while an integrated video conferencing system with two wireless microphones allows meetings to be broadcast to remote viewers.


GE Power Experience Center

GE Power Experience Center

Immersive, Visually-Dynamic Experience Center Promotes Concept of Resource Conservation

General Electric (GE)’s energy techniques company, GE Power, built a Customer Experience Center within their new Canadian Headquarters that would mirror the Company’s passion for energy, technology and efficiency. They were looking for a way to visually express this passion in a memorable and immersive way and to teach guests and visitors about different and modern methods of energy conservation.

The Center brings GE’s Grid IQ™ technologies to life through a Prysm video wall and several wall-mounted touch screen displays that allow clients to explore GE’s energy technologies firsthand and discover solutions to improve and enhance their energy grids. In fact, this video wall is the world’s largest curved Prysm video wall, measuring 58-feet wide by 7-feet tall and comprising 175 individual tiles with the thinnest seams currently possible. Incorporating today’s greenest large-format display technologies, the video wall consumes just one-tenth the power of traditional digital displays. Video processing is provided by the latest Extron Quantum™ Elite processor and a professional grade multi-zone audio system was installed to complete the media experience. The entire Customer Experience Center features Crestron automation and can be controlled through an iPad.

Driven by multiple unique PC’s, the video signals are processed by a scalable video wall processing system which allows for a cascade of images and a variety of display image scenarios. Utilizing a custom-designed control system, users can interact with the displays in a meaningful way, managing the various scenes and images presented by way of mobile iPads or touch panels. A digital audio presentation mixer, combined with powerful amplifiers and speakers, provides a truly zoned audio system with absolute user control in various areas of the Center, further enhancing the interactive and immersive nature of the solution.

GE wanted to create a one-of-a-kind experience for their clients. The Diversified team worked directly with GE on the concept, design and implementation of the system and utilized the newest cutting-edge technologies, resulting in one of the world’s most immersive digital environments.


  • Integration Awards 2013 Winner – Top Corporate Installation
  • ProAV Spotlight Awards 2013 Winner – Top Corporate Installation
  • Digi Awards 2013 Winner – Best Interactive Technology Roll-Out
  • InfoComm People’s Choice 2013 Winner – Best Corporate installation
  • Gold DSE Apex Award Winner – Highest honor for Business, Industry & Government Installation
  • EMEA InAVation Awards 2014 Winner – Best International Project