Wells Fargo Digital Signage

Wells Fargo 

Unconventional LED Wall Offers Calming Oasis for Multinational Financial Services Company

When Wells Fargo moved its Corporate & Investment Banking business to 30 Hudson Yards office tower in New York, they reached out to Diversified to help deliver a calming environment amidst the high-stress trading with a unique video wall design that would serve as a focal point and offer associates a relaxing escape without ever leaving the office. Spanning the 14th and 15th floors is a seamless LED video wall column measuring 6’ wide by 29’ tall highlighting natural and urban scenes for changing energies throughout the day. 

“The client and architect had a vision for the space: to build a sense of extreme height and offer content that the traders would enjoy and promote relaxation,” said Dan Georgescu, Consultant with Robert Derector Telecommunications. “Once the architectural vision was in place, we had to find the right technical solutions to suit the space and deliver the content.” 

Tasked with design and integration, Diversified’s Creative Services team designed the custom content specifically to fit the unique shape of the video wall. “We used RED cameras to capture the 8K content, which was organized into two categories: city and energy, such as New York City’s new One World Trade Center or Ellis Island at sunset, and nature and peace, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite and Big Basin’s tall trees,” said Dan Barron, media design specialist at Diversified. “Although the video wall does not display 8K, we shot 8K so when you pare the image area down to a narrow strip, you still have enough resolution to look good at that huge scale.” 

The custom 8K content was uploaded into Analog Way’s Picturall Pro media server where it was split into five 1080P feeds for the video wall controller to ingest and sync into one tall image. RP Visual devised a custom steel mounting structure for the video wall, ensuring the Leyard DirectLight X displays remained flush throughout the columnar configuration, maximizing the product’s high quality. 

The traders can now escape to one of the most unique lounge areas anywhere. The end result exceeded expectations, bringing Wells Fargo’s vision to life.

Intercontinental Exchange

Intercontinental Exchange

Intuitive, Dependable Conference Room Technology Delivers Reliability

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), a network for clearing houses, markets and technology , required dependable presentation systems throughout their general meeting spaces, designed with collaborative technologies in their vision of the
new space. Diversified was selected as the design build partner based on their understanding of the client’s needs, their ability to execute a large project over an extended period of time and their reputation for working well with a large and diverse set of project stakeholders.

With more than 75 conference rooms and a fully utilized IT support team, it was important that the rooms were easy to use for a presenter regardless of their technical skill. Each collaborative space required seamless integration of technology into the
architecture, while also needing a minimal in-room credenza to house AV technology. ICE also had special-use spaces requiring purpose-built systems for network and security ops centers, as well as building-wide digital signage and cable head end systems and streaming distribution network.

Diversified included ICE’s IT team in every step of the decision-making process in order to ensure a uniform conference room technology systems. Meeting spaces now possess a standardized, reliable user experience complete with a common control interface with a “drag and drop” user interface. ICE’s main entrance boasts a new 11’ x 1’ ultranarrow bezel video wall protected by a glass front on the face, creating a signature video element. Content is created and scheduled through a custom multi-output digital signage player. The main reception floor also contains an 11-room conference center for external meetings, requiring a higher finish quality.

Every space meets the seamless integration and intuitive criteria for a common control interface and the ability for all rooms to shut down automatically. Reliable technology platforms, coupled with a responsive client service agreement, have made the day-to-day operation a manageable routine. The presenters can now focus their meeting objectives, confident that the presentation systems will work.


1800 K Street

1800 K Street

Animating Architecture Through the Use of Video
and Dynamic Digital Signage

1800 K Street is a commercial office building located in the heart of downtown Washington, DC. For this project, Diversified worked with Stantec Architecture and real estate developer, CBRE, to upgrade and enhance the existing 200,000-square-foot office building while it was still occupied. The $40 million retrofit included a new glass facade, renovating the lobby, elevators and mechanical systems of the 44-year-old building.

Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management’s 1800 K Street NW building underwent a major renovation that included a new glass façade and the installation of windows on the south side of the building to increase natural light. Outside of the building, Diversified designed and custom built an 8mm LED digital banner supporting and complimenting the building’s unique design features and took more than a year of needs analysis study with the design and construction team to properly integrate it into the building’s curtain wall structure. The 2-foot high by 230-foot long digital banner bends around the building’s corner onto 18th street and supports geospatial designs, digital signage, news feeds and area weather.

Inside the lobby, Diversified’s design leveraged a mosaic LED solution that allowed designers to mix-and-match three different LCD display tile shapes and sizes into unique arrays, a solution that would not have been possible with traditional video walls. Featuring a trend-setting 1:1 aspect ratio square LCD video tile, our solution provides unique opportunities for creativity with digital displays.

As such, throughout the project, Diversified worked with content provider Niles Creative Group to provide the digital content that is currently displayed on both installations. Working with the artist, David Niles—well known for his work at the Comcast building in Philadelphia and CityCenterDC, also located in the District—the resulting product has proven second to none in creativity, artistry and innovation.


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Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed)

HQ Relocation Sparks Global Collaboration Solution Roll-out and Lasting Partnership

When Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) began the process of relocating their headquarters, Diversified was brought in early to consult on technology costs that would impact the decision of location and initial investment. PenFed was not only looking for a new home, but somewhere they could scale and continue to grow.

After deciding on Tysons Overlook in McLean, Virginia, it was obvious that Diversified would be the perfect technology partner for the project, having already worked with LMI in their relocation to the same building months prior. Still, with plans for modern glass walls and solid stone conference tables, this design-build would prove to be more of a challenge than most.

Understanding PenFed’s existing pain points, current investments and future plans was critical. Diversified engaged in the design of the new space at the engineering level, including not only AV and collaboration but also Skype for Business migration. Having also been contracted to build technology solutions for PenFed’s smaller Chantilly office, we were able to test and perfect the systems that were to be deployed in the new Headquarters facility. In total, the Tysons Overlook design-build incorporated 57 rooms including a state of the art boardroom, a multi-purpose room, large, medium and small conference rooms, huddle and team rooms, and 11 executive offices.

PenFed has opened their new, world-class headquarters and Diversified continues to support them by augmenting their IT staff with an on-premise, certified technician. This technician works with PenFed help desk as an extension of our internal support team. Furthermore, PenFed has awarded Diversified additional technology contracts for locations in Alabama, Nebraska and Oregon.




High-Quality Digital Media Content Distribution to Financial Leaders Around the Globe

Primerica, an innovative insurance and investment services provider, sought a state-of-the-art facility for the expansion of its TV production capabilities during relocation. This new facility required the ability to adapt to a wide array of programs and editorial content produced each week to a network of more than 90,000 financial leaders. These digital media content distribution systems had to support a variety of formats and resolutions, while live production was set at HD1080i.

The new facility was designed with one goal in mind: to create spaces for Primerica’s content producers to do their best work. With a start-to-finish timeline of less than six months, the design required careful planning. The solution for Primerica’s new facility focused on five main facets: the studios, cameras, control room, audio and editorial and storage. The new facility was designed with two purpose-built studios featuring Hitachi cameras. A 3,000-square-foot traditional TV studio with an more than 40’ cyclorama wall and LED lighting is accompanied by a divisible larger theater, which seats up to 500 studio audience members, named “The Art and Angela Williams Theater.”

An existing production switcher was relocated and the facility core routing and monitor wall infrastructure was expanded. New custom consoles were designed and created specifically for the new control room, which can comfortably house a production staff of twelve. The new control center can be viewed by curious visitors on the official tour, “Imagine,” through a large window.

The relocation allowed for Ethersound digital audio interconnection technology, in which all audio sources, floor boxes and wireless receivers are wired to Ethersound-equipped stage boxes in the central equipment room. The facility also includes six dedicated FCP edit suites that allow access to a new central digital repository, which keeps a year of production online.




One-of-a-Kind Corporate Lobby Design
for Digital Signage Projection

As the largest U.S. electronic stock market, NASDAQ is constantly innovating. When the exchange wanted a one-of-a-kind design for its corporate lobby in New York City, Diversified engineers and NASDAQ architects worked together to create a unique digital signage projection system.

The high-resolution, nine-projector system combines front and rear projection techniques on curved surfaces, displaying a variety of client logos and media in the multi-storied NASDAQ lobby space. To complete this cutting-edge design, two projectors utilizing custom software project a vertical scrolling stock ticker on the glass elevator housing running up the center of the lobby.




Advanced Telecommunications with Easy-To-Use Interface Make Corporate Auditorium Successful

PIMCO, one of the world’s largest asset management firms with over $1.5 trillion in assets under management, was seeking an AV system for its new headquarters in Newport Beach. Diversified’s initial engagement was for AV consulting for architectural firm Gensler, a collaboration which generated a high-level concept design of the auditorium and feasibility studies of various display layouts. The success of that phase led to Diversified’s design-build contract directly with PIMCO for corporate communications, presentations, television productions and live broadcast.

PIMCO was looking for an advanced and reliable telecommunication system that would be available for daily operation. It also had to provide a high-level of consistent performance with a minimal need for skilled operational staff. In addition, Diversified needed to integrate the complex system on a tight timeline in conjunction with the construction of the new auditorium.

Diversified managed the timeline and the integration around construction with astute project management, frequent meetings, and site walks to gauge progress. To meet PIMCO’s high-end telecommunications requirements, Diversified used advanced “Presenter Follow Technology,” capable of following a roaming presenter anywhere in the room. Also incorporated was Taiden’s Automated Congressional Voting System, which manages complex polling needs, along with individual audio selection and level setting task for more than 30 simultaneously active microphones. This also served to provide the camera-positioning coordinates needed to drive the integrated PTZ camera-positioning logic. A total of six individual semi-automated systems were integrated together, becoming a single, centrally operated, automated solution.

The goal of significantly simplifying operations resulted in a minimal number of operational personnel, while assuring a consistent and predictable level of performance. Because of the Gensler/Diversified collaboration, PIMCO went from 20-year old technology to a cutting-edge, highly automated, HD environment. They are now capable of parallel production work with higher quality, more efficient workflows, and the ability to bring more of their productions in-house.