Travers Smith

Travers Smith

Utilizing Microsoft Teams to Create Room Standardization for London Law Firm

Diversified has served as trusted AV partner to Travers Smith, a corporate law firm headquartered in London, for several years, maintaining systems at their Snow Hill Office. Travers Smith partnered with us to update several meeting rooms, some of which weren’t yet capable of video conferencing.

In early 2021 David Cassidy, IT Director, Travers Smith sought out Diversified, a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner to standardize their meeting room for use of Microsoft Teams for video conferencing. The new meeting room technology had to be intuitive and offer an identical experience across the variety of rooms sizes, from huddle rooms to boardroom and even the auditorium. After demonstrations of several Microsoft-certified room solutions, the Crestron Flex system and Logitech Rally camera was approved and standardized upon for all rooms. Diversified further collaborated with the Travers Smith building management team to identify and coordinate monitoring and evaluation requirements to compliment the AV upgrades.

The highlight of the project is the auditorium which is now capable of hosting internal and external meetings over Teams. A large, 130” 1.5mm Samsung LED display was installed, upgraded from a ceiling mount projection system. The space also includes multiple 4K cameras which capture participants on a small stage at the front of the room in lecture mode as well as participants at the table when configured for boardroom style meetings. The same Crestron Flex system and interface found in the auditorium, also features in all meeting rooms to provide a truly equal experience, reducing use complexity and giving users the confidence to use the system without needing to rely on technical assistance.

Diversified was able to complete the project during a difficult time given the working restrictions presented by the pandemic compounded by the global chip shortage which extended delivery lead times. As a direct result of the success of this project Diversified continue to support Travers Smith through the technology upgrades, with more projects planned for the future. Furthermore, Diversified continue to provide day to day support and maintenance Assurance, a technical support service for their system and business continuity.



State of the art hybrid workplace solution enables collaborative flexibility

Diversified was engaged by Ausenco, a multinational engineering, procurement, construction management, and operations service provider, to design and install a hybrid workplace solution for their new location in Brisbane. The company required a hybrid workplace solution which would futureproof their ability to collaborate and deliver industry leading solutions to their clients globally.

Diversified worked in consultation with Ausenco to determine their unique hybrid working requirements, ensuring a seamless integration of the latest audio-visual technologies with their existing infrastructure portfolio could be achieved. From this consultation, Diversified were able to design a custom audio-visual solution specifically to meet Ausenco’s needs, comprising of 16 meeting rooms as well as a kitchen and reception area, across two office levels.

For this design, Logitech componentry was used throughout to ensure a smooth user experience for the Ausenco team, taking advantage of the remote, cloud-based monitoring and device management tool Logitech Sync, which makes it easy to support video deployments from a simple browser-based interface. This combination was chosen to provide Ausenco with greater flexibility to work remotely and leverage in-office collaboration.

Used in conjunction with Microsoft Teams, Diversified were able to make good use of Logitech’s ability to ‘work out of the box’, with components such as the Logitech Tap Rally Bar Bundle, Logitech Rally Mic Pod and extension cable, Logitech Scribe Whiteboard Camera, Logitech Tap Scheduler and Logitech Tap Meet Up enabled to just plug in without controllers.

Working closely with builders and contractors onsite, Diversified were able to consult, design, build, manage and deliver the completed project well within the time constraints, in just a matter of weeks, meaning Ausenco were able to experience a smooth transition to their new location with the hybrid workplace infrastructure needed to successfully service their clients in an efficient manner.

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Unified Infrastructure Creates Exceptional Communication And Collaboration Experience

When Twitch needed to take its operations bi-coastal, adding a second hub in New York City, they contacted Diversified to help deliver a unified infrastructure to create an exceptional communication and collaboration experience. Originally founded in 2011, the livestreaming service was acquired by Amazon in 2014. Given Diversified’s history with both Amazon and Twitch, expanding the partnership with this new project was a natural progression. 

Located on Manhattan’s Park Avenue, the new Twitch HQ 2.0 spans two floors. The 19th floor hosts four huddle rooms, two standard conference rooms and the All-Hands event space. The 20th floor is home to seven additional huddle spaces, three conference rooms as well as the executive board room. “The AV is the first thing you see,” continued noted Greg Deye, Twitch’s real estate project manager. “Twitch streaming on the monitors in the lobby, and as you get up to floors 19 and 20, you’re immersed into the Twitch culture.” The goal was to not only make the technology invisible, but to completely integrate it into the environment, both in appearance and functionality. 

The project involved extensive collaboration between Twitch, Diversified and a few key manufacturers who offer a broad range of solutions including AV-over-IP infrastructure, remote system management and uniform interfaces for users. The team worked closely with Twitch to deliver multiple iterations of the AV design to encompass recent evolutions in AV and IT technology to meet their goals. This included more user-friendly interfaces and enabling live, “white glove” remote support across all corporate locations. 

Working on the project during the pandemic posed challenges but didn’t impede progress with the general contractor coordinating back to the team on issues via live video walk-throughs of the facility. The entire team was eventually allowed on-site for a week of commissioning, testing and provisioning before the facility went live. Today, Twitch’s HQ 2.0 provides end-users with a uniform and simplified user experience and the collaboration services team with the flexibility and data to better understand, connect and serve their growing business. 

Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University

Distance Learning Technology Prepares Pepperdine University for Socially Distanced Semester

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no secret that the entire education industry is shifting its approach to the engagement and education of students. In the middle of the Spring 2020 semester, campuses were shut down and students and faculty alike had to adapt to a fully remote model and a new mindset for learning. No matter the platform used for these virtual experiences, challenges were abundant, and the variable of human connection was beginning to feel lost in the shuffle. Pepperdine University, a private research university with five locations across Southern California, knew they had to do something to prepare for distance learning in the Fall semester and sought to update their technology systems to accommodate this new normal. Most importantly, they sought to create environments that were easy to use, consistent across all campuses and flexible to accommodate for synchronous and asynchronous learning. Additionally, they knew that it would take a lot of research and ingenuity to get it right. So, as early as April, the University’s on-site AV team dug in to figure out what the classroom of the future would look like and what it would require.

“We have a very talented AV team, and we pride ourselves in staying one step ahead with frequent improvements to classroom technology,” says Jared Mukai, PhD and Manager of AV Technologies and Special Projects at Pepperdine. “Still, this unprecedented reality left us faced with the need to rethink the ‘old school’ way of facilitating meaningful classroom discussion. We had to adapt, and we had to do it quickly.”

Many universities like Pepperdine are implementing more permanent remote or hybrid learning solutions across their classrooms and seeking ways to provide the on-campus experience from a distance. As a result, the equipment needed to create such environments is in high demand and short supply. Anticipating this demand, Mukai’s team worked diligently to figure out what they would need to build hybrid distance learning classrooms and purchased that equipment as quickly as possible. By the end of June, the University had successfully procured cameras, microphones and computers for their new distance learning classrooms and was ready to install and deploy them.

In a typical year, Pepperdine practices a room refresh cycle at a rate of 20 percent, meaning about 40 classrooms receive new technology solutions. This year, however, the team was challenged with multiplying that refresh by five-fold and overhauling every single classroom across all locations in the span of just six weeks.

Having worked before with Diversified, a global technology solutions provider headquartered in Kenilworth, NJ, Mukai and his team engaged them once again to help bring their efforts to fruition and provide installation of the new equipment as well as integration services for new portable rack-based systems into existing classroom environments.

“With a project much larger than we’re used to and such a short timeline, the team at Diversified made us feel comfortable that it could not only be done but that it would also be done right,” comments Mukai.

The installation covered 166 rooms—74 undergraduate and 92 graduate classrooms. Each undergraduate room was equipped with a Panasonic 22x PTZ Camera, Shure QLXD Wireless Microphone System and P300 Digital Signal Processor as well as a PC that was pre-configured by Pepperdine to include Zoom and Panopto video conferencing solutions.

The graduate classrooms were equipped with the same hardware with the addition of new freestanding mobile equipment racks that accommodate the new equipment for distance learning. Each rack was fabricated in Diversified’s Anaheim facility and then delivered to the University and wired to connect with the equipment in the existing wall rack. Additionally, in the graduate rooms where a PC did not exist, Diversified provided AV system programming to add a PC input button for functionality with Extron TLP, MLC, or similar controllers.

“Our goal for the fall semester is to provide a simple, flexible, turn-key solution to connect our students to one another and to their professors,” adds Mukai. “We will continue to look for ways to improve the teaching and learning experience for those students who are unable to attend classes in-person.”

“As schools prepare themselves for educating in socially-distanced world, we are seeing higher education institutions evolve to a distance or hybrid learning model,” adds Marc Nutter, account executive at Diversified. “As they say, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ Diversified and its partners are pivoting to solve today’s problems by leveraging new and existing technologies.”

Mukai concludes, “We are doing the best we can with what we know today but, what we know could change tomorrow. The technology solutions provided are giving us the flexibility to adapt as things evolve and deliver the best learning experiences possible for our student body.”


AV Network

National Geographic

National Geographic, Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

Simple IT Infrastructure Provides Reliable Connectivity for Oceans of Fun and Exploration

The National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey is an immersive exploration of the oceans. Located in Times Square, the Encounter exhibit makes use of technology and reliable IT infrastructure to give visitors the virtual ocean experience. The exhibit was developed and produced by the creative minds at SPE Partners, and a team of Oscar, Emmy, Grammy award winning artists along with technical consulting provided by Diversified.

National Geographic engaged Diversified early in the construction phase and worked in collaboration with SPE Partners through the design, build, and manage methodology. Diversified subject matter experts, key SPE Partner stakeholders and vendor partners met with Ocean Odyssey retail, physical security, social media and show team representatives to fully understand all of the business and functional requirements for the network. Diversified designed a complete wired and wireless network architecture, UCaaS solution, and end-to-end cyber security platform, ensuring clear segmentation and coverage based on the client’s needs. This included coordination with service providers to deliver adequate bandwidth and redundancy to meet the client’s requirements.

In order to deliver the network infrastructure more quickly so that all applications and trades could be online and connected, Diversified built the network infrastructure well before the exhibit construction was completed. This included staging the equipment and creating the cloud configurations prior to implementation which allowed for a physical plug-n-play network installation. The Diversified team stayed involved to help on-board all vendors and ensure proper go-live execution for the client.

Given the scope and scale of this exhibit, all parties agreed it was essential to implement ongoing support so the client could concentrate on client satisfaction. As a result, Diversified partnered with SPE Partners to provide a remote managed service to proactively manage their UCaaS, network, and cyber security solutions. This has proven to drive increased reliability and free their associates to focus on running the attraction, taking comfort in knowing their guests will have a great experience both walking through the exhibit and leveraging connectivity around them.

Conference USA

Conference USA

Driving Operational Efficiency Through State-of-the-art Technologies for Broadcast Command Center

Conference USA (C-USA) is an intercollegiate athletic conference whose 14 member institutions compete in the NCAA’s Division I sports. When C-USA relocated their head office from Irving to Coppell, TX, they collaborated with Diversified to address their evolving on-demand viewing requirements and drive operational efficiencies through state-of-the-art technologies in their broadcast command center, boardroom and meeting rooms.

Given the smaller size of their member schools, many of C-USA games are broadcast online rather than via cable or satellite. Their new command center system enables conference commissioners to stream and monitor games and officiating across the country from a central location. Technical components include:

  • Media distribution system to stream multiple games simultaneously from Satellite and ESPN+ over the internet.
  • 3 x 3 video wall that is simple to use, reliable and met their very specific needs for viewing games via cable, satellite or internet feed.
  • Custom-engineered workstation PC with 8 simultaneous outputs to view multiple games via internet and provide remote keyboard and mouse access.

Diversified also coordinated with JLL, GL Seaman and the client to adapt the technology solutions to their unique architectural requirements. In the C-USA boardroom the display and camera were originally slated for standard wall mounted installation, however, an architectural change required the display and camera to be mounted behind a DIRTT (Doing it right this time) Glass wall. Realizing the glass would impact image quality, the solution involved a redesigned glass wall with a custom camera window and a 3D printed blackout box to house the camera and eliminate light reflections. The new AV system incorporates existing equipment with updated conferencing capabilities through integrated Shure ceiling microphones, a QSC Audio Digital Signal Processor, camera and USB extension for improved Skype video conferencing capabilities. The solution was nominated for the CoreNET CRE Collaborative Excellence award 2019.

As they celebrate their 25th year, C-USA now has the technology solutions to better serve members, student-athletes, fans and supporters in their dynamic conference.

Boston Celtics’ Auerbach Training Center

Boston Celtics

Complete Unified Communication through Audio Visual Technology for Sports Training Facility

Diversified partnered with the Boston Celtics to design and deliver a cutting-edge AV environment for the team’s Auerbach Training Center. The Celtics sought to make the 70,000-square-foot practice facility at Boston Landing a space that would bring them together through technology. They needed a full environment throughout the facility that brought audio, video and IPTV capabilities for players, coaches, executives and admin staff while still feeling like home. Jay Wessland, VP and Chief Technology Officer of the Celtics wanted to, “build flexible things that can change and adapt over time.”  

The solution for the entire center needed to work seamlessly from a technology standpoint. Diversified completed a multi-level environment comprised of video walls with custom digital signage, video processing, industry-leading Bluetooth technology for adaptive audio integration, mainstream IPTV system for all modes of video sourcing and several conferencing systems 

As the first of its kind across professional sports, the center’s most unique aspects include the multiple dynamic video walls in the lobby and player’s lounge. In each location, Diversified’s team created a custom video processing system to virtually enable the Celtics to stream any content source they wanted.  

A full video wall and ticker in the lobby emulates TD Garden. The ticker is live streamed with IPTV like the digital signage found in the vestibule on each floor. The two full-size parquet floor basketball courts have several displays that circle them with speakers both above and around for a surround-sound effect.  

Even the weight room leverages audio and displays to support both training and teaching. In the hydrotherapy room—with a 40-foot exercise pool and float tank—a medical exam room with GE Medical Imaging equipment and a sports science lab gather data on the players’ performance. Displays can be found underwater in the hot tubs to observe motion for physical therapy. The fifth-floor media room holds interviews and announcements. The sixth floor includes an entire stage where media personnel can observe the team. Finally, a video review theater is used to communicate team goals and review performance.  

All these spaces and all the displays, on all floors of the building are connected through audio visual technology to deliver a unified digital signage experience.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Digital Signage

Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Utilizing Technology and Digital Signage tEnhance the Student Learning Experience

When Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts broke ground on the Foisie Innovation Studio and Messenger Residence Hall, President Laurie Leshin said that they wanted the building to represent “the front door to innovation.” The $49 million, 78,000-square-foot residential and classroom facility is one of the largest spaces on campus. The first and second floors of the building include a teaching laboratory complete with a robotics lab, a makerspace and high-tech classrooms for courses that introduce first-year students to WPI team-based projects.  

As with most academic installations, the biggest challenge was the deadline. WPI needed this high-profile installation to be up and running, tested and polished in time for the new school year. In order to accomplish this, planning for equipment, logistics and coordinating with other trades was key. 

Coordination for the high-profile video wall was tight. The builder fabricated the large wall to exact specifications, and the electrical contractor was directed to provide power in the exact locations required for the forty Christie displays. All of this had to be tested and working before installation could even begin. The RP Visual mounts allow each display to swing out for easy access. Concurrent with the installation of the 8×5 video wall, Diversified equipped several large classrooms with state-of-the-art technology. Five classrooms were built to include four Sony laser projectors in each room (one facing towards each wall), and more than 20 huddle spaces were outfitted with NEC monitors and Mersive Solstice pods.  

With support from Diversified’s creative services team, WPI utilizes the Appspace and Seenspire digital signage platforms to aggregate their social feeds, and an infotainment subscription from Seenspire allows the institute to stream STEM-related news. General student information, global project centers, alumni spotlights, photo galleries and more are communicated across the facility with ease. The versatility of the video wall and vestibule signage even allows for engagement, encouraging students to give feedback via a QR code and by downloading the WPI app. 

Thanks to the open communication between WPI and the associated trade partners, the project was a complete success with all needs met to ensure an optimum learning environment for returning and new students.



Cutting-edge Meeting and Conference Facilities for New London Headquarters

When Deliveroo’s founder and CEO moved to London, he discovered tremendous opportunity to bring the best local restaurants direct to people’s doors via a mobile application. When building their new HQ, he brought on Diversified to develop room standards with key stakeholders. Out of these design development sessions, all of the meeting rooms and town hall spaces were designed to meet Deliveroo’s needs with a bespoke audio visual system.

In total, there are 27 meeting rooms as well as multi-use spaces, huddles and town hall spaces. There is a full IP-based audio system, controlled via Sonos throughout the building as well as networked IPTV channels and bespoke digital signage content to make users feel at home. A key requirement for Deliveroo was ensuring a simple to operate user experience. By leveraging its expertise in room occupancy, Diversified provided an AMX-based control system in every room, that detects when the user enters the room and turns on the system.

As Deliveroo made their VC choice around the Google CFM platform, Diversified’s engineers and programmers produced the first large scale deployment of Google CFM outside of Google itself. When the user enters the room the Google CFM log in screen is presented and as a clear desk policy was in place, Diversified integrated the Biamp Devio digital sound processor along with a Biamp ceiling mic array, allowing the users to simply enter their meeting code to commence the meeting. In the town hall area, Diversified provided a range of lapel, handheld and “catch box” mics, as well as a three camera VC setup, giving the AV manager the ability to mix a professional sound and video broadcast and stream and record it for Deliveroo staff worldwide.

By enhancing the office with easy to use technology, Deliveroo can work without complications. This setup will act as a blueprint for the company, being replicated around the globe and playing a key role in their continuing success story. In the first two weeks moving in, Ayhan Behic – AV Manager at Deliveroo posted on the internal comms, letting staff know about AV training sessions; but the team found the technology so easy to use that none of them needed to attend the sessions.





Veritas were opening a new state of the art building in Dublin and wanted to make use of advances in audio visual technology. As a global business, Veritas has a predefined set of AV standards that Diversified was asked to work within as well as tight budget and timeline for the number of AV spaces to be fitted out.

In total, the rooms and solutions delivered include one large town hall space, a large all hands conference area, a large training / collaboration space, three large VC rooms, 11 large presentation rooms, 11 medium rooms, a network operations center (NOC), a huddle area, and a room booking solution.

The key goals of Veritas were to follow their global AV standards, build rooms that are simple to use with a great user experience, create flexible, multi-purpose spaces and high definition video conferencing integration. The Diversified team worked with Veritas and the main building contractor to deliver the range of rooms, covering all of the user needs with many having flexible configuration and range of AV uses. The Crestron room control not only offers a simple user interface but also links in with the global Crestron Fusion system, giving remote network monitoring and control.


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