Villanova University Performing Arts Center

Villanova University Performing Arts Center

From the Courts to the Big Stage, Villanova Provides all its Students a Chance at the Spotlight

Villanova University, a private research university, is likely best known for its annual appearance in March Madness. As a result, the school’s prowess on the stage and in the rehearsal room, while strong, has been historically overshadowed by its Division I basketball team. That story, however, won’t be told for much longer now that the University’s creative community has found itself in a new, $60 million showstopper of a home—the John and Joan Mullen Center for the Performing Arts.

The goal of the project was to construct a state-of-the-art performing arts center to support performances, creativity, engagement and exploration, enriching Villanova’s campus and enhancing educational opportunities. Diversified was selected as the AV systems solutions provider on this project for several reasons, including the company’s technological expertise and capability to deliver high complexity systems in the higher education and performing arts space.

The 85,000-square-foot campus hub boasts multiple professional-grade performance venues and support spaces within a single building to include a 400-seat proscenium theater, a 200-seat black-box theater and a 75-seat Performance Lab for more intimate and experimental productions, as well as classrooms, conference rooms, dance studio, multipurpose rooms and offices.

Diversified was able to provide much needed consultation with regards to live events, large venue audio and performance venue technology implementation with a solution that includes collaboration, unified communications, PA and live venue sound technologies. The video core of the system is a Crestron DM matrix switcher which interconnects most of the AV systems in the building. The proscenium theater features a Clair Brothers speaker system, Midas console, QSC QSys DSP, and Shure microphones. The building also utilizes a Clearcom intercom system for communication among the technical team throughout.

Despite many challenges with construction and the technology selected, Diversified was able to deliver a world class system for Villanova and now, students and audiences alike will benefit from the variety of performance opportunity such spaces and technologies can offer.

Passion City Church | Cumberland

Passion City Church | Cumberland

Sharing the Message with the Highest of Worship Production Technology Standards

Before they were a church, the efforts of Passion City were aimed at engaging college students to live for the renown of Jesus. Diversified was an original partner in the construction of the first permanent gathering site at 515 Garson Drive. Since that time, the ministry has developed the highest of worship production technology standards and embraced a variety of large events in their space (even bull riding!). Diversified has helped every step of the way with several upgrades to accommodate growth.

When the time came to construct a new Cumberland location, Passion City engaged the Diversified team again. This was the first time that the organization had worked with a single partner for all the technology systems in a facility. The Passion team is unique because they have several experts on their production team, and they knew they needed the right partner to achieve their production goals. Having launched in Cumberland in 2017 at North Atlanta High School, this permanent home is not only vital for the growing church community in the city but also serves as the production hub for the Passion organization, meaning that all broadcast content sent out to the world is cut and mixed from this location. Diversified was trusted to support their exact vision at a very granular level, developing solutions that represent several first’s in the church production world.

“Working with Tim Corder and the team at Diversified was really great. We love that Diversified is really structured well to make sure that our first Sunday, and the second Sunday, and the third Sunday after that were as seamless for us as possible. I’m excited to see us come out of COVID stronger than ever as a result of this new facility.”

– Taylor Charboneau, Director of Production

The new auditorium features 180-degree seating spread between the main floor and the balcony with the furthest only 60 feet away from downstage center. Although there is space for 1,400 people, this space has a unique vibe because of how intimate it is for such a large space. At the heart of the audio system is a L-Acoustics K2 loudspeaker system, Digico audio consoles and Shure wireless. The lighting system is based around a Grand MA 3 console, Pathway Pathport streaming ACN lighting control, and a mix of Martin and GLP fixtures as a standard rep plot that is supplemented with rental fixtures according to the demands of particular events. The video system is comprised of a Ross Video backbone in routing and switching with two control rooms – one for the in-room IMAG cut and one for the broadcast feed that is streamed around the world, Panasonic Varicam cinema cameras with a mix of Canon and Fujinon lensing and Vinten tripods, Ross XPression and Renewed Vision ProPresenter GFX systems, Clearcom matrix intercom, Teradek wireless video transmission, and Defy robotic dolly and wire cam systems.

A collection of Unilumin UPAD III 2.6mm LED panels are used to create visual canvases on stage that are served by a Disguise media server as an important part of the visual brand of Passion gatherings. The room is unique for its lack of permanent side screens, instead relying on these stage LED canvases to share video in more unique and engaging ways.

In addition to the main auditorium environment, Diversified also installed circulation audio and video systems comprised of JBL speakers, Crown amplification, and Samsung commercial displays. Child and student large group environments are centered around Waves LV1 audio consoles, Yamaha loudspeaker systems, MA and Chauvet lighting, and flat panel displays with Renewed Vision ProPresenter GFX.

For over 20 years, Passion has always been known for God-sized dreams, utilizing worship production technology in fresh and creative ways as a tool to make Jesus known. After successfully completing the construction and system integration process at the Cumberland location, the teams at Passion City and Diversified have continued to stay connected, ensuring the overall mission of the church stays firmly supported.

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Mount Paran Church

Mount Paran Church

Next-Gen Sanctuary Audio Technology Inspires Paradigm-Changing Worship Experience

For more than half a century, Atlanta’s Mount Paran Church has been celebrated by the evangelical world as a beacon of effective ministry and engaged, growing membership, evidenced by its 13,000-plus-member congregation. In fact, it was this very community of faith that pioneered the “one church in two locations” concept in the late ’80s that eventually laid the groundwork for multiple satellite campuses, now a hallmark of many of today’s houses of worship. So, it should come as no surprise that Mount Paran is forward-thinking when it comes to the technology it uses to communicate its message, a point that was clearly underscored by its distinction as the world’s first house of worship to install a sanctuary audio technology system built upon L-ISA Hyperreal Sound technology.

“Good sound is one of the most essential elements in today’s churches, and achieving consistent, engaging audio throughout an entire worship space is mission-critical so that the congregation has a shared community experience,” says Tim Corder, Strategic Accounts Director – House of Worship for Diversified. “The previous loudspeaker system in Mount Paran’s main auditorium had been in place for many years, and as it aged, it began to have component failures that created erratic coverage—sonically ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spots throughout the room—which was hampering the worship experience for many of their congregants.”

Although Diversified initially considered specifying a left/right array-based design for Mount Paran’s loudspeaker retrofit, the presence of large LED screens on either side of the stage meant that the array lengths necessary for providing optimal coverage would create sightline issues, particularly for those seated in the balcony. Furthermore, the church wanted to minimize the number of modifications made to the architecture, both for aesthetic and budgetary reasons.

“With so little space to work with above the screens, we chose to explore an L-ISA design, which offered us the ability to spread the system’s power out horizontally versus vertically,” says Nick Geiger, Account Executive and Audio Lead for Diversified. “This enabled us to achieve the SPL and coverage that we needed while keeping the speaker hangs compact enough to not cause visibility issues with the lighting and video facilities.”

“L-ISA is an incredible tool for Houses of Worship,” enthuses Geiger. “As an audience member, you don’t just want to feel as though you’re sitting in the room spectating something that’s happening onstage. Mount Paran has a large choir, orchestra and praise team, and L-ISA enables you to feel enveloped by their sound—like you’re a part of it—in every seat in the house.”

Corder agrees, adding that the audio imaging capabilities of the new system produce a very natural-sounding binaural listening experience. “When the left side of the choir has a solo, you feel it come from the left side,” he says. “I’ve heard them stagger vocal intros between the left, right and center sections, and you really feel that localization—and it’s stunning! You totally forget that you’re listening to a PA because it just feels like you’re listening to the choir. I’ve never had that experience before.”

“We at Diversified pride ourselves on being at the forefront of emerging technologies that are making an impact in our industry,” Corder adds. “You really must experience L-ISA as one of the several thousand people gathered in the room during a service to understand the full impact that this technology and loudspeaker system makes on the engagement of the congregation. Words do not do it justice. It is inspiring on a level that is quite literally paradigm-changing.”

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Passion City Church | 515

Passion City Church | 515

AV Installation for a Lasting, Dynamic Worship Experience

Born of the Passion Movement, a decades-old movement among young adults aged 18-25, what began with a stirring in the hearts of Louie and Shelley Giglio has grown to become a culture-shaping church where Jesus is the lead story told through AV installation for a lasting, dynamic worship experience. In addition to their locations in the Atlanta and Washington, DC metro areas, Passion City is part of an organization also behind the present-day Passion Conferences and Six Steps recording label. Songs and messages created out of this movement have impacted people all over the world.

Diversified was engaged to help Passion establish their first permanent gathering site at 515 Garson Drive in Atlanta, GA. During the design and build of the facility, the church team was busy holding conferences and worship events many time zones away. Diversified coordinated design reviews and other communications with their schedule so that when the facility was being constructed, they were confident that the systems fit into a well-defined and documented design.

Located in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, the technology systems were expected to match the “world-class” experiences that Passion is known for and the results became a trend setter for the larger Christian church world. Diversified’s scope in this original facility included the video system, a unique 3:1 aspect ratio projection screen utilizing edge blended Barco projectors on a 39’ x 13’ screen centered above the stage that quickly became an example many other churches around the world patterned their spaces after, a production matrix intercom, as well as overall project management of all technical trades involved in building the facility.

Fast forward to today and Diversified is still trusted by Passion City Church with AV installation for an elevated worship experience all these years later to keep the presentation fresh and relevant, working alongside the church’s talented creatives to enable their dreams with the best current tools and workflows. Diversified has recently assisted Passion with a rehang of the existing loudspeaker system, incorporating outfill arrays to improve the audio experience in conjunction with the recent conversion of seating from flat floor to a stadium seating design. Diversified has also been intimately connected to their transition from projection to LED video walls, assisting with both the panels themselves as well as the addition of video servers and canvas management to their workflow. Additionally, Diversified assisted the church’s team in the transition of the original broadcast cameras to new Panasonic cinema cameras, elevating the content broadcast to the world from this facility to an entirely new level of quality and inspiration.

Long-term relationships are at the foundation of everything Diversified is about. It is an honor to continue to be welcomed into the decision-making circle of world changers like Passion City Church as they use their gifts to impact their city and the world.

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Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University

Bringing a Community together Through the Latest in Auditorium Broadcast Technology Integration

The college that prays together, stays together. That simple aphorism is part of what is behind the huge, new event center at the core of Brigham Young University’s (BYU) multi-purpose satellite campus in Rexburg, Idaho. Officially known as the BYU Idaho Center and Hyrum Manwaring Student Center, the three-year, ground-up construction project includes a 15,000-seat auditorium. The auditorium’s size was based on the maximum number of students and faculty the campus can accommodate. It was the desire of BYU leadership to provide a single space where all could participate in traditional Tuesday devotional services, which required a broadcast technology integration within the auditorium to accomplish.

Diversified played a key role throughout the project and was contracted during the architectural process in a design assist role to the general contractor. Once the base building design and cable pathways were established, Diversified waited for construction to catch up before proceeding to the detailed system design. Diversified’s Greg Doyle notes, “With two NAB’s between the start of the project and the commencement of installation, we thought it best to wait and see where the technology went to insure the system was not outdated from the start.”

To fill the enormous volume of the auditorium, the sound system features a combined point-source and distributed design using Yamaha’s NEXO systems components; three main L-C-R clusters hang in front of the 105-wide X 70-foot-deep stage. Each array houses 22 GEO D10 speakers in a cluster, configured so that two are side firing and one is firing downward, a design to address the auditorium’s fan shaped design.

The building’s broadcast center is fitted with an Evertz broadcast routing switcher, HD-Video 250 x 400 (576 2-frame), 192 x 192 channels of AES audio and 16 x 16 MADI streams. There are 20 camera positions located throughout the theater that feed two production control rooms, as well as three offline editing suits, two audio sweetening rooms and a master control room.


Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Technology that connects fans intimately to the drama, performance and excitement on-field.

Diversified was the head contractor for the public address (PA) and emergency warning intercommunication system (EWIS) upgrade at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)—Australia’s most iconic sports and entertainment stadium. Working closely with the ground manager the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), and audio consultant Auditoria, this project delivered an immersive stadium audio infrastructure providing fans an exceptional game day experience.

The MCC’s extensive ‘Smart Stadium Strategy’ drove this $25M upgrade to improve the end-to-end event experience for all visitors. The project was a complete refurbishment of audio technology throughout the stadium, including bowl PA, concourses, bars and function areas, gate entry and exit points, and broadcast facilities, connecting it to a converged network for easier audio management. In total, more than 3,500 loudspeakers were installed.

Audio consistency was a priority with a requirement for clear, immersive stadium audio sound regardless of where a visitor stands. d&b audiotechnik powered the full audio experience—from the under balcony systems to the bowl PA comprised of 30 robust arrays, in custom-built framing, secured seamlessly around the roof structure. For internal patron areas, the loudspeakers feed the crowd ambiance to connect fans in bars and suites to the on-field and in-crowd experience.

Diversified selected a Q-SYS ecosystem for the converged network that has integrated into the MCG’s building management system, including the EWIS. The Q-SYS system gave the MCG increased ease in operation and management, allowing more visibility of all EWIS zones. The new system provides custom paging abilities, allowing the MCG to communicate tailored messages to different gates and areas through the
Q-SYS interface.

Production capabilities were bolstered with increased audio sources and inputs fed back to the system. The MCC better supports live production and events. Performers can tap into this system for concerts, with a marked improvement in audio quality for artists performing on-field.

Video Case Study

Her Majesty’s Theatre

Her Majesty’s Theatre

Restoring the Shine to Australia’s Historic Crown Jewel for New Generations of Theatre-Goers

Updating historical locations can breathe fresh life into them for new generations to enjoy. After enduring prohibition, an unremarkable 1970s’ renovation and two pandemics, it was time for Her Majesty’s Theatre to shine again. When the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust took possession of the historic landmark, they knew that a complete renovation and audio technology upgrades would help cement the building’s legacy for a modern audience.

As part of a A$66 million total rebuild that spared only the theatre’s historic facade and eastern wall, Diversified’s Australian team was brought in to deliver a complete scope of audio technology requirements. “Theatre systems are usually very high end and a highly specified design,” says Nico Van Wieringen, operations manager at Diversified. “For a project like Her Majesty’s Theatre, the pressure is on to deliver the performance and expectations of the stakeholders.”

Focused on delivering an exceptional acoustic experience from any seat in the venue, Diversified worked with Schuler Shook consultation to design and deliver a technology system worthy of a standing ovation. The theater’s new system includes a comprehensive technical cabling infrastructure with custom stagebox and patch panels; a custom stage management console housing paging, venue relay monitoring, cue lights and stage intercom systems; and a performance video relay system using venue long view and low light cameras to relay performances to monitors throughout the venue.

“A fantastic outcome has been achieved across all project stakeholders,” adds Van Wieringen. “From a technical perspective, all of the systems installed and coordinated are in line with achieving the overall acoustic performance, and meeting the Adelaide Festival Centre’s expectations, aligning with their production systems. All project stakeholders are delighted with the outcome and the public’s response to the opening of the theatre has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Although the official unveiling for Her Majesty’s Theatre took place amid COVID-19 restrictions that limited the number of tickets available, this crown jewel has been restored to new brilliance and eagerly awaits the day it can once again greet and awe a full house.

Wells Fargo Center

Wells Fargo Center


The Wells Fargo Center is unwavering in its commitment to deliver best-in-class event experiences through technology. This commitment is reflected in the transformation from a standard to a concert quality stadium sound system which included; a complete replacement of the arena bowl speaker clusters, next-generation amplifiers, new mixing equipment and software delivering improved range, enhanced sound clarity and optimized balancing throughout the venue. The new sound technology differentiates the Wells Fargo Center as an engaging sports venue and as a best-in-class concert venue.

For the Wells Fargo upgrade, Comcast Spectacor turned to the Diversified professional sound team based on their successful history of transforming sound systems for older venues, amid active, year-round schedules into contemporary concert spaces. Since the arena hosts entertainment events as well as sports, they wanted to make their audio system choice based on the same criteria that concert touring does—full-range musicality and clear intelligibility. Finding the right manufacturer to meet these demands space was paramount so the Wells Fargo Center’s audio staff and Diversified collaborated and decided on the L-Acoustics K2 system.

In addition to concert-quality sound, the L-Acoustics system offers deployment flexibility. Diversified installed the K2 and K1-SB speaker arrays on motorized hoists so that individual groups of speakers can quickly move out to the grid or drop back into play position to improve sight lines or support various venue configurations.

Diversified also painstakingly remapped the facility’s wiring from the new cluster locations to the amplifier room. The new concert quality stadium sound system audio to each of the 21,000 seats in the arena’s bowl and throughout the entire facility. It’s compact audio arrays reach the sound pressure level expectations without obstructing views of the video screens and it’s capable of customized zoning to accommodate various seating configurations. The entire concert quality stadium sound system is controlled from a newly designed, more efficient audio control and mixing room.


Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Angels

Upgraded Sound Reinforcement, Video Production and Display Systems for Angel Stadium

Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Los Angeles Angels recently underwent a two-year long stadium technology renovation to enhance the fan experience in Angel Stadium. Having worked with the Angels since 2011 on video production system upgrades, Diversified was engaged to design and build a high definition video production control room, design and implement a concert level touring sound system and provide LED consulting.

The stadium sound systems, first installed in the mid-90’s, then renovated in 2002, now includes 300 speakers and 50 subwoofers delivering music touring-grade sound quality that is synchronized with the LED video displays. Additional highlights include a permanently installed field-level sound system for players during pregame practices and warm-ups.

Large screen LED displays previously installed in 2004 have been exchanged for nearly 24,000 square feet of state-of-the-art digital canvas capable of beating the intensity of the Southern California sun. Besides MLB game and player statistical data, video replays and dynamic sponsorship graphical elements, Angels fans are also treated to their renowned fun and entertainment on the massive LED scoreboards, including the infamous Rally Monkey. The scoreboard in right field, which is the third largest in MLB, spans an area four-and-a-half times that of an NBA basketball court. The iconic roadside “Big A” Marquee also experienced a complete full-color LED renovation of its halo and the display facing north to the 57 Freeway, creating a beacon for Angels fans across SoCal with every Angels’ win.

New production digital media workflow including editorial systems, storage and LTO archival have been added and more than 50 years of the Angels’ historical film and video tape library has been digitized and preserved. Back of house production systems undergoing a measured renovation for more than three years have arrived at their full HD destination with new cameras, replay and routing. All of this was completed in one off-season by Diversified in a design build partnership with the Angels’ management and production staff.

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Honda Center – Anaheim Ducks

Honda Center

Renovated Video Replay Control Room Hits the Goal for Anaheim Ducks

The Honda Center is an indoor arena located in Anaheim, California and is home to the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League (NHL). Originally named the Anaheim Arena during construction, it was completed in 1993 and has since undergone technology renovations to keep fans coming back.

The Honda Center’s recently renovated video replay control room and structured sound system was the work of Diversified who worked diligently to complete the updates in preparation for the upcoming NHL season. The project included architectural consulting for pre-production space planning, equipment vendor tests with multiple sound, RF wireless systems and camera vendors  as well as staff tours with vendors at the annual NAB show in advance of the build.

After the year’s NHL playoff run was complete, Diversified coordinated the demolition of the old facility and coordinated with the general contractor on the new control room space, centralized equipment room and arena fly points to augment the new Daktronics scoreboard. Additional key equipment included JBL Professional’s VTX line arrays, Crown Power amps and Yamaha consoles for the reinforced sound portion of the project. The replay control room is equipped with Evertz EQX and EMR routing, terminal gear and multi-viewer with a Magnum control system. Lastly, Ross Video’s Acuity production switcher and Xpression graphics tie nicely with the already Duck-owned Chyron graphics system.

The Evertz Dream Catcher Instant Replay system plays back the action caught by Ikegami’s HDK-95C production cameras with spooned on Fujinon 55x and ENG series glass. Cartoni tripod systems provide support post-production systems included the addition of Quantum’s StorNext file system, 10GigE attached network switches, workstations and Levels Beyond’s Reach Engine for asset management duties.

The renovated video replay control room was completed on time and on budget and provides fans of the Anaheim Ducks the latest and greatest in broadcast and live event experiences.


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