Brigham Young University

Brigham Young University

Bringing a Community together Through the Latest in Auditorium Broadcast Technology Integration

The college that prays together, stays together. That simple aphorism is part of what is behind the huge, new event center at the core of Brigham Young University’s (BYU) multi-purpose satellite campus in Rexburg, Idaho. Officially known as the BYU Idaho Center and Hyrum Manwaring Student Center, the three-year, ground-up construction project includes a 15,000-seat auditorium. The auditorium’s size was based on the maximum number of students and faculty the campus can accommodate. It was the desire of BYU leadership to provide a single space where all could participate in traditional Tuesday devotional services, which required a broadcast technology integration within the auditorium to accomplish.

Diversified played a key role throughout the project and was contracted during the architectural process in a design assist role to the general contractor. Once the base building design and cable pathways were established, Diversified waited for construction to catch up before proceeding to the detailed system design. Diversified’s Greg Doyle notes, “With two NAB’s between the start of the project and the commencement of installation, we thought it best to wait and see where the technology went to insure the system was not outdated from the start.”

To fill the enormous volume of the auditorium, the sound system features a combined point-source and distributed design using Yamaha’s NEXO systems components; three main L-C-R clusters hang in front of the 105-wide X 70-foot-deep stage. Each array houses 22 GEO D10 speakers in a cluster, configured so that two are side firing and one is firing downward, a design to address the auditorium’s fan shaped design.

The building’s broadcast center is fitted with an Evertz broadcast routing switcher, HD-Video 250 x 400 (576 2-frame), 192 x 192 channels of AES audio and 16 x 16 MADI streams. There are 20 camera positions located throughout the theater that feed two production control rooms, as well as three offline editing suits, two audio sweetening rooms and a master control room.

Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies


In celebration of the team’s 25th anniversary, the Colorado Rockies set out to renovate Coors Field from the club level all the way to the clubhouse. Included in these renovations, and perhaps the most exciting addition, is the first 1080p60 HDR LED videoboard and HDR-capable upgraded production control room installed in a sports venue. As a trusted technology solutions provider, Diversified offers its clients one design-build partner that understands all interconnected subsystems and works productively with architects and general contractors. As such, for the Coors Field control room upgrade, Diversified was engaged by the Rockies a full eighteen months before the videoboard’s big debut to offer architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, video, audio, IT, and LED design consultation.

Before any technology integration began, Diversified consulted with the franchise on control room orientation, console and ADA ramp locations, raised flooring, cooling, power and electrical conveyance requirements; ASHRAE class recommendations for cooling systems, fire and life safety recommendations for the space and interconnections to other stadium systems; as well as acoustic NC ratings, NRC ratings, and STC ratings with wall construction, ceiling, and partition recommendations.

To deliver both the Rockies’ in-house and videoboard HD-HDR content, Diversified worked closely with Rockies staff and manufacturers to interconnect the 1080p HD HLG HDR production systems with up/down and SDR/HDR conversion to national and regional broadcast partners. In partnership with Daktronics, Ross Video and Christie Digital, Diversified co-developed a graphics delivery platform feeding the Daktronics, HDR-ready HD13 LED displays throughout the ballpark.

In addition to the upgraded production control room equipment, Diversified and the Rockies established an IT topology to support full acquisition, editorial and archival management with upgraded HDR Evertz DreamCatcher replay systems and AVID Nexis/Interplay with NL Tech AutoIngest to manage all graphical content, control protocol and KVM for associated systems.

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Sky News

Sky News


Sky News Arabia brings world class news coverage to the Middle East, in the Arabic language, 24/7 online, via tablets and on smartphones.  As a start-up, its production facilities represent the state of the art in television and online news, and building its new centre was one of the largest undertaken in the region.

Newsgathering is expensive, and Sky News Arabia wanted a broadcast system which worked smoothly and reliably, and used automation to minimise the requirement for operational staff. The design required the latest thinking in workflow to achieve this seamless automation, and best of breed products to maximise quality and flexibility.

A project of this scale, which looks to achieve efficiency through automation, calls for the integration of systems from a number of manufacturers, which in turn requires new developments in those products and to create an open interface between them. Designing these interfaces and promoting the development of the additional functionality was a critical aspect of Diversified’s task.

An excellent example is in the unified bookings system required by Sky News Arabia for its communications systems around the world. In the traditional television news operation, each element required is booked separately, calling for a lot of manual co-ordination. Sky News Arabia wanted to be able to make a single booking for all functionality. Diversifed drove the development of new functionality for the Broadcast Bionics PhoneBox system. It is now capable of controlling the Riedel intercom infrastructure, so that as well as setting up the complete signal path a ScheduAll booking also sets up the talkback paths between the appropriate locations.

The result is that a single booking can set up an encoder in, say, Cairo, and connect it via MPLS or satellite path to Sky News Arabia; route it to a decoder, frame rate convertor or audio shuffler as required; record it to the server and update the asset management; and ensure that all participants are connected on talkback. All the elements are automated, so the booking merely requires source, destination file and time.


Orbit Showtime Network

Orbit Showtime Network

Broadcast Installation of Infrastructure Expands Modern HD Workflow

Following the merger between Orbit, based in Bahrain and Showtime, based in Dubai, the combined organisation, “OSN” decided to consolidate their business by moving key parts of their operations from Bahrain to Dubai including all broadcast operations.

However, the existing broadcast IT and storage infrastructure in Dubai needed broadcast installation, upgrade and expansion to cope with the increased number of channels that would now be played out from that site, along with the increasing HD requirement and associated media workflows.

The entire project for OSN was delivered very rapidly to fit in with an aggressive migration of their services from Bahrain to Dubai. Due to the tight timeframe, Diversified prebuilt the racks and wiring looms in their UK factory; this also allowed the complex switch configuration and testing to be carried out in the UK. This pre-build ethos allowed the project to proceed quickly against the prescribed 10-week timeline. Firstly the existing edge switches were swung across to the new redundant Cisco core, Diversified re-configured hosts as required to ensure continuity of service taking into consideration the DNS entries and other critical network parameters. As the project progressed new fibres were laid in to provide a redundant architecture to the edge. Some of the most crucial parts of the migration were carried out during off-peak hours overnight to minimise disruption to the workflow. The final stage of the project was to hook the high end clustered storage solution into the new core switch to open up its contiguous, high performance and high availability storage to the entire workflow.

Diversified deployed a multidiscipline team of around 8 people to deliver this project backed up by the massive resources available in Diversified’s factory in the UK. Diversified Middle East provided key personnel to ensure the continuity of the delivery; a specialist to manage the onsite activities and ensure the quality of the finished product, a project manager to oversee the UK prebuild and UAE delivery and a design expert to produce the solution and ensure the delivered project measured up to the initially calculated throughputs.

The new infrastructure promotes a new era of high-end television production at higher channel counts and a lower price point.




Redesigning Media Workflow for Growth andContinuity in New Broadcast Media Facility

KHET PBS Hawaii selected Diversified as the technical and design consultant for its new broadcast media facility. The facility, previously designed by two other companies, needed to be redesigned so that existing and new technology would ensure continuity between the old and new sites. PBS desired a flexible broadcast media center with extended capabilities for future endeavors. The design also had to provide familiarity of workflows for their staff engineers plus ease of maintenance.

Establishing design guidelines to better accommodate workflows within the outsourced Master Control and production areas was critical. Accomplishing this was further complicated by the impending construction schedule. Fortunately, the timeline allotted the necessary time and attention required to re-work the original design. This was necessary since the project was highly technical and a complicated solution that relied heavily on equipment unfamiliar to KHET staff.

Extensive meetings were conducted, outlining Diversified’s processes, exploring workflows and evaluating staff capabilities. Diversified value-engineered a system which would easily transfer to their knowledge base and ease the PBS staff into this transition with minimal downtime and training.

Challenges were addressed in a series of value-engineering sessions by Diversified’s collective teams. The areas affected included IT-Centric Infrastructure necessitated by the overarching originally proposed solution, studio lighting, ingest and master control. Centralized network storage and archiving infrastructure provides PBS staff with the ability to manage media assets and provide an efficient, seamless workflow for sharing media between all groups, inclusive of the out-sourced Master Control.

PBS Hawaii has a flexible, new broadcast media center as a result of Diversified’s dedication to listening to the input, insight and feedback from the KHET staff. A simpler, but higher-quality and fine-tuned design replaced the unfamiliar workflow and technologies from the previous designs, and allowed for a new facility outfitted with a dynamic and value-engineered system.


New Century Productions

New Century Productions

Advanced Multi-Format Production Trucks Support Sports and Entertainment Events

The demand for HDTV coverage of live television events has created a major incentive for mobile production companies to put more multi-format production trucks on the road. New Century chose Diversified to assist in engineering and integrating their mobile production trucks.

Traditionally, the mobile production market uses two distinct truck designs—those geared toward entertainment events (concerts, conventions, etc.) and those specialized for sporting events. Although equipment and format requirements have differed for these two types of vehicles, new technologies are driving toward a one-design fleet, flexible enough to allow coverage of a wide variety of events by a common truck design.

New Century required two production units to be commissioned. The trucks were built at Diversified’s Santa Clara, California integration facility. Diversified’s design and integration teams have arguably more experience in the mobile production market than any other firm in the United States and completed both of these projects in less than nine weeks.

By utilizing an experienced leader in this field, NCP launched very high quality vehicles on a short timeline and kept their own engineering staff focused toward ongoing operations and existing business.

New Century, founded in 1984, now operates nine mobile production units, including NCP VII and NCP IV. While NCP IV is similar in design to its first HD truck, NCP VII was designed to handle the largest shows in television and built for weekly network sports productions. ESPN, CBS and FOX are the primary clients for these mobile production units.


Denali Media Holdings

Denali Media Holdings

Anchorage TV Station Turns Up the Heat with New Broadcast Facility

When Denali Media Holdings—KTVA, operating a CBS affiliate station, wanted to relocate and build a new customized facility from the ground up, they partnered with Diversified experts more than 4,000 miles away to make sure the job was done right. They desired a lightweight, flexible model media center that would function as a cohesive, non-traditional system, maximizing flexibility while providing for ease of maintenance and speed of recovery.

Centralized network storage and archiving infrastructure would service all technical groups. This centralized storage system would provide the ability to manage media assets, optimize workflows and provide an efficient mechanism for sharing media between all groups. Another core foundation for this flexible system would be a large, high-definition house routing system, including all necessary conversion and support electronics.

“The only way to accomplish this project with a successful outcome was to bring in an overarching layer of engineering. Additionally, we needed a driven Program Manager capable of managing a project this size while keeping an eye on the ‘On Air’ date, letting nothing drop and rolling with the changes as they come up,” says Kevin Garguilo, Director of Strategic Accounts for Diversified. “At the end of the day, the success was the result of a true team effort. This team has worked together on many large projects and generally anticipates each other’s moves before they happen, allowing a very fast design and review process.” Garguilo concluded that, “The team made the difference.”

The new facility provided the client the technology and ability to become number one in their market for News. They clearly have a better picture on the air than their local competitors and will be the market leader as a result of this project.


PAC12 Network

PAC-12 Network

Broadcast Studio Control Room Delivers High Impact

The Pac-12 Network, the diversified and integrated content and media parent company of the Pac-12 Conference, was built from the ground-up as a new network. Like the universities and Division I college sports teams this network represents, they wanted an innovative, tech savvy and sports driven headquarter facility as the physical embodiment of their brand.

Diversified partnered with the PAC-12 Network for the design and implementation of their 24/7 digital media and TV broadcast studio control room. The technical systems are designed to leverage the combined assets of each member school with multiple facilities on each campus networked to the broadcast studio control room in their San Francisco headquarters. Equipped with multiple studios, production, post production and broadcast equipment, executive, departmental, administrative offices and work spaces as well as rack and mechanical rooms; this facility is capable of handling multiple live or recorded events simultaneously.

Due to the nature of college sports the acquisition system had to be properly sized for the large amount of traffic on the weekends. The assets then have to be produced, entered into the asset management system, and scheduled for distribution via both traditional broadcast and over the internet. The finished project delivers high impact for viewers and optimized workflows driving efficiency for the PAC-12 technical team.


Terrell Place

Terrell Place 

Breathing New Life into a Historic Building with Experiential Content Design

Featuring nearly 5 million LEDs installed on 1,700 square feet of wall, the Diversified team answered the call for creativity – designing the 80’ by 13’ interactive media wall to respond to the movement of people passing through the area. Fifteen ceilingmounted, thermal-imaging cameras capture occupant presence and movement within 20 feet of the wall, showcasing images of DC’s cherry trees across the seasons.

Gentle breezes give way to a flurry of petals as a body is detected. At times the scene is a burst of fireworks or an animation of the city’s iconic statuary, architecture or scenery.

Rather than projected imagery, this video wall diffusion fabric, with its 2,900 LEDs per square foot, is distinctly different from interactive installations commonly found in shopping malls or museums. The diodes, just 5ML in diameter, are installed behind an acrylic diffusion layer and are ventilated through an air cavity to keep them cool and operating efficiently. Planar Clarity Matrix LCDs are also featured in the installation, all of which are clearly visible from the street. Audio also plays a key role in the project as ambient sounds of nature, the city and music enhance the experience. The audio components include Clark Synthesis audio transducers that are cleverly concealed in walls, solid drive transducers mounted to the ceiling and four ceiling mounted Tannoy speakers for non-directional sound.

Once the site of a lunch counter protest against segregation in the 1950s, the lobby of Terrell Place is now covered with motion-activated media that brings the space to life. The lobby is now a living, breathing (literally) work of art.


Baylor University – McLane Stadium

Baylor University

New Video Production Control Room Gives Students & Alumni a Top-Tier Fan Experience

Baylor University set out to build a new football stadium with the goal of bringing a top-tier fan experience to students and alumni. The vision was to create a stateof-the-art football home, now known as McLane Stadium, as well as an equally impressive entertainment venue for live concerts and other family events.

Diversified was chosen to provide design and integration services for a new video production control room. The two primary goals for the control room were to have the ability to feed HD video and rich graphics to the LED scoreboards and to provide camera feeds to mobile broadcast trucks for cable and satellite channels.

Baylor’s sports productions are entirely run by students, working to gain experience or to obtain class credits. The students who encounter the production systems must be able to use the equipment in a way that is productive without much training, in a small window of time. To make it as easy as possible to teach and train the students, the University wanted to utilize similar equipment to what was currently in use. Since the school already owned Ross video production switchers, the decision was made to use a Ross Vision switcher. Students would know how to operate it and the University felt that it was the easiest to learn.

Not only was choosing similar equipment better for students, but also more cost effective than competing products. Diversified also provided Sony  cameras and Chyron character generation (allowing Baylor to be graphics-compatible with the OB vans brought in by ESPN and FOX). To complete the project in the given time frame, Diversified allocated more manpower on-site and built an install team from the local area. Diversified ensured
the system would allow Baylor to produce what it needs for its large screen display, in-house cable show, and OB Van support. Baylor now has a new control room with enhanced switching capabilities, more cameras, more replay and graphics power and can produce and broadcast in HD. Diversified met all deadlines and, based on this project’s success, were awarded another project from Baylor University.


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