Climate Pledge Arena

Climate Pledge Arena

Making a Splash With Unforgettable Fan Experience as Kraken Is Released for the First Time at New Arena

After the announcement that Seattle would be home to the newest club in the NHL, Climate Pledge Arena teamed up with Diversified to deliver arena sports and entertainment technologies, including ice projection technology, that amplify the excitement and fan experience as the Kraken was released to a city of new fans. “This was an extremely fun project to work on because they truly had a clean slate,” Mike Meglathery, Diversified project manager, commented. “There was a lot of brainstorming and throwing ideas around, but it got down to building as much flexibility as possible to leave room for future growth.” 

Determined to bring their ambitions to fruition, Kraken production staff and Diversified teamed up to immerse fans in the on-ice action—delivering not only the production control room, audio and AV throughout the arena but also the engaging and fan-favorite ice-projection technologies. 

The entire experience is driven by the production control room, which is based on 1080p 60-fps workflows—its core a Ross Acuity 3M/E switcher with XPression graphics and XPression Clips server. Adder’s Infinity Series enables KVM anywhere in the facility on the production team’s converged network. Productions are anchored by a total of twenty in-venue cameras to deliver excitement from every angle. Outside the control room, Diversified delivered all of the facility’s sound and audio technology, cloud-based IPTV systems throughout the arena and exterior plaza and outdoor displays to keep fans engaged as they move about the venue.  

Still, the undisputed fan favorite is the pregame ice projection technology that builds excitement and anticipation before puck drop. While systems integrations present their typical challenges including working around other trades, supply chain delays and condensed timelines, finishing the ice-projection system added a new layer of complexity since the testing had to be completed with the arena in total darkness.  

Using Barco’s 45,000-ANSI-lumen projectors and the two dual-sided, triangular-shaped videoboards, fans are immersed in an ominous and electrifying pregame intro, bringing them from the depths of the ocean to the heights of the Seattle skyline before revealing a larger-than-life Kraken wall projection via the 16’x9’ projectors as the players take the ice and the game begins. 


Sports Video Group (SVG) News 

Ice-Projection Pregame 

Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium


Having designed and completed more large scale IPTV in sports venues than any other integrator, Diversified played a major role in equipping the new Yankee Stadium with a groundbreaking Cisco StadiumVision IPTV deployment as part of a technology integration project that exceeded $10 million.

Although Diversified did additional broadcast work that is beyond the scope of this case study, its’ primary duty was the design, installation and commissioning of an IPTV head-end where local DTV off-air, satellite and HD game feeds are all received and encoded to IP stream for distribution to 1000 Sony displays placed throughout the stadium. The company was responsible for installation of all displays associated with the system (placed in locations such as clubs, public areas and concession stands), including installing a Cisco 4305G Digital Media Player (DMP) at each display.

Referencing the DMP, Kevin Collins remarked, “It’s like a local flash player at each TV. The power of Cisco’s IPTV is that each individual screen becomes a static IP address, to which you can send unique media. So, each TV can have a unique channel lineup, different ad insertions, overlay graphics with advertising, etc. So, the 100-level concession area might have a bar where they’d feature Miller Light and Chevy trucks, whereas, at the suite level, you might have the same game but the graphic additions might be Mercedes and golf clubs.”

Diversified also participated in testing of all signal paths and connectivity to each display for handoff to the Cisco Interactive Applications Software (IAPPS) development team. “They had to know, from a hardware and wiring perspective, everything was installed, continuity was checked and they had a good, working system ,” emphasized Collins.


Hyatt House

Hyatt House

Audio Visual and Telecom Systems for New Oceanfront Hyatt House Hotel

Crestline Hotels & Resorts opened Hyatt House Virginia Beach/Oceanfront hotel in April 2017. Diversified provided AV and telecom systems for the oceanfront, 19-story, 156-room hotel, the first Hyatt-branded hotel in Virginia Beach. Located on the oceanfront at 2705 Atlantic Avenue, the property lies in close proximity to the Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virginia Beach and Norfolk military installations, and Virginia Beach Town Center.

Diversified was brought on to develop and implement the technology needs for the Hyatt House. The integrated audio visual systems consist of public displays, guest room televisions, presentation systems and a centralized distributed background music system. Working as a subcontractor to Armada Hoffler, Diversified provided turnkey delivery of the specified audio visual systems to include: product, installation,configuration, software programming, testing, performance verification, final documentation and user training.

Major parts of the installation to note include a 109” tensioned advantage electrol motorized ceiling-recessed projection screen along with a 6000lm multimedia projector in the hotel gathering room. Additionally, Diversified installed more than 60 two-way shallow ceiling speakers throughout and many of the public AV systems are controlled by Q-Sys touchscreen PoE controllers, either table or wall-mounted. All 156 guest rooms received 49” LG displays and those with living rooms were equipped with an additional 55” display in the living area. Additional displays were provided throughout in the lobby, lounge and fitness center areas.

Diversified also provided an operable end to end structured cabling system.This included furnishing and installing cable, supports, inner-duct, racks, cabinets, termination components, ancillary equipment, testing, and labeling and documentation of cables and connectors.


Edison Chouest Offshore

Edison Chouest Offshore

IPTV Entertainment System Solution for Offshore Vessels in the Carribean.

Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) supports most of the United States’ Gulf deep-water operations and an expanding global market with its fleet of highly specialized new generation offshore and supply vessels. ECO contracted Diversified to provide IPTV entertainment system installation for the Island Intervention, a support vessel for a BP oil rig located 50 miles from Port of Spain in the Caribbean, just off the coast of Trinidad.

Diversified installed an IPTV entertainment system installation that delivers DIRECTV Caribbean programming to set-top boxes located in the state rooms and public viewing areas throughout the floating vessel. Satellite signal is received via a SeaTel steerable antenna located on the radar arm. Television is a critical amenity on board as there are not many other activities for the crew to partake in while at sea.

Prior to arriving on-site, Diversified went through an extensive eight-hour HUET
(Helicopter Underwater Egress Training) training in New Orleans, LA. The training involved simulated sinking in a pool while rotating the training module upside down. It focuses students on bracing for impact, identifying primary and secondary exit points, avoiding smoke inhalation, surfacing for air, and head count. The HUET training aims to increase time-saving awareness of situational characteristics that can prevent successful escape. Thankfully, our team did not have to utilize any of these lifesaving skills as they had to take a round trip helicopter transport and live aboard the ship for several days to perform the work.

Along with Island Intervention, Diversified also installed a 48 channel DIRECTV
COM1000 IPTV systems in a number of other support vessels such as the MV Island Performer. Satellite IPTV service is provided to all offices and cabins. MV Island Performer is a multi-functional offshore vessel built in Norway for ECO. Diversified looks forward to servicing other vessels in the fleet in the future.


Pentagon Federal Credit Union

Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed)

HQ Relocation Sparks Global Collaboration Solution Roll-out and Lasting Partnership

When Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) began the process of relocating their headquarters, Diversified was brought in early to consult on technology costs that would impact the decision of location and initial investment. PenFed was not only looking for a new home, but somewhere they could scale and continue to grow.

After deciding on Tysons Overlook in McLean, Virginia, it was obvious that Diversified would be the perfect technology partner for the project, having already worked with LMI in their relocation to the same building months prior. Still, with plans for modern glass walls and solid stone conference tables, this design-build would prove to be more of a challenge than most.

Understanding PenFed’s existing pain points, current investments and future plans was critical. Diversified engaged in the design of the new space at the engineering level, including not only AV and collaboration but also Skype for Business migration. Having also been contracted to build technology solutions for PenFed’s smaller Chantilly office, we were able to test and perfect the systems that were to be deployed in the new Headquarters facility. In total, the Tysons Overlook design-build incorporated 57 rooms including a state of the art boardroom, a multi-purpose room, large, medium and small conference rooms, huddle and team rooms, and 11 executive offices.

PenFed has opened their new, world-class headquarters and Diversified continues to support them by augmenting their IT staff with an on-premise, certified technician. This technician works with PenFed help desk as an extension of our internal support team. Furthermore, PenFed has awarded Diversified additional technology contracts for locations in Alabama, Nebraska and Oregon.


Association of the United States Army

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA)

Flexible Meeting Space Technology Installation Gives “Wow Factor” Needed to Raise Funds for Troops

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Conference and Event Center is home to an inviting meeting facility with advanced technologies and amenities that will satisfy and exceed any event requirement. The flexible, state-of-the-art meeting space easily accommodates from five to 200 attendees in one adjoined space.

Before this project began, Diversified met with two retired Four Star Generals to discuss the technology needs and goals for AUSA’s new Conference and Event Center—to increase revenue, promote the U.S. Army and the 3 million members that have perished in the past 250 years, create a WOW factor that would bring visitors back, and provide a system for others to join remotely, efficiently and with high quality sound and video.

The technology design included integrated AV, security and networking across multiple areas—the reception, pre-function and main areas—with emphasis on digital signage and video conferencing capabilities. In reception, a landscape display features the schedule for the day and a portrait display is a touchscreen directory of the floors above. In the pre-function and main areas, Diversified built two interactive media walls—one 4’ x 16’ and the other 8’ x 16’. Each of these was custom designed in a wood enclosure with its own sustaining HVAC system. Additionally, Diversified deployed the entire IT system including servers, wireless access points (WAP), network connections and a centralized distribution system that allows all digital signage and content to be displayed, streamed, recorded or collaborated on in real time. Lastly, Diversified engineered and deployed a system for video surveillance and controlled access to secure the facility. The system includes cameras that can zoom far enough for facial and car tag analytics in real time. This information is captured and the system learns based upon the analytics it records.

AUSA now owns a beautiful space to host events and generate revenue for the organization. All components were designed to work together cohesively and support workflow, giving the generals exactly what they needed to reach their goals.


AGL Energy

AGL Energy

Integrated Audio Visual Solution To Reflect A Brand’s Easy, Approachable Style Of Business

AGL Energy’s workplace, built on top of Southern Cross Train Station in Melbourne’s central city, had to adapt readily to the changing needs of the organization and its 1,500 Melbourne-based associates. AGL has adopted a style of working which aims to enhance collaboration, allow for better use of space and resources, and reenergize the workplace. Therefore, the project required an integrated audio visual solution that would provide a consistent look and feel across various systems, was easy for associates to use, and could be monitored and supported remotely.

Diversified worked closely with AGL to tweak the initial brief in order to deliver a consistent experience across all audio visual enabled spaces. AGL had identified early in the process that emerging technologies such as Microsoft room integration and wireless presentation facilities were key in supporting their Activity-Based Working (ABW) model. Diversified worked closely with vendors and AGL to build room prototypes to evaluate the new technologies and determine the best approach to integration.

As the largest ASX-listed owner, operator and developer of renewable energy generation in the country, sustainability was high on AGL’s agenda and achieving a 5-star Green Star rating for its new workplace was a priority.

Diversified provided an integrated audio visual solution to facilitate the objectives of the company. Audio visual systems and services include: 59 collaboration spaces; 8 enclosed meeting rooms; 2 training centers; 29 Microsoft-based video conferencing rooms; 9 open collaboration tables; 1 large function room; 6 open display areas; 35 digital signage displays; 13 interactive displays; 20 huddle rooms; an integrated IPTV and digital signage system; and a system monitoring and performance application.

At the completion of the project, Diversified was engaged to provide a full-time onsite technician resource to provide on-going AV support and training as well as to assist with every day operational performance.

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