State of the art hybrid workplace solution enables collaborative flexibility

Diversified was engaged by Ausenco, a multinational engineering, procurement, construction management, and operations service provider, to design and install a hybrid workplace solution for their new location in Brisbane. The company required a hybrid workplace solution which would futureproof their ability to collaborate and deliver industry leading solutions to their clients globally.

Diversified worked in consultation with Ausenco to determine their unique hybrid working requirements, ensuring a seamless integration of the latest audio-visual technologies with their existing infrastructure portfolio could be achieved. From this consultation, Diversified were able to design a custom audio-visual solution specifically to meet Ausenco’s needs, comprising of 16 meeting rooms as well as a kitchen and reception area, across two office levels.

For this design, Logitech componentry was used throughout to ensure a smooth user experience for the Ausenco team, taking advantage of the remote, cloud-based monitoring and device management tool Logitech Sync, which makes it easy to support video deployments from a simple browser-based interface. This combination was chosen to provide Ausenco with greater flexibility to work remotely and leverage in-office collaboration.

Used in conjunction with Microsoft Teams, Diversified were able to make good use of Logitech’s ability to ‘work out of the box’, with components such as the Logitech Tap Rally Bar Bundle, Logitech Rally Mic Pod and extension cable, Logitech Scribe Whiteboard Camera, Logitech Tap Scheduler and Logitech Tap Meet Up enabled to just plug in without controllers.

Working closely with builders and contractors onsite, Diversified were able to consult, design, build, manage and deliver the completed project well within the time constraints, in just a matter of weeks, meaning Ausenco were able to experience a smooth transition to their new location with the hybrid workplace infrastructure needed to successfully service their clients in an efficient manner.

NFL Los Angeles

NFL Los Angeles

New West Coast Headquarters Wows with Immersive and Cloud-Based Media Technologies

Located at Hollywood Park, the NFL’s 450,000 sq ft Los Angeles headquarters delivers 214,000 sq ft of office space and an expansive nearly 75,000 sq feet of studio and studio support space to serve as the home for NFL Network,, NFL RedZone, the NFL app and other departments involved in the league’s media and business operations.

The new West Coast hub was designed to increase productivity and improve workflows for its many media operations. The state-of-the-art IP-based, 4K- and HDR-capable production facility took nearly four years to conceive, design, build and integrate based on SMPTE ST 2110 standards for media-over-IP production. NFL Media leveraged Diversified’s comprehensive breadth of technology solutions and services, including media and entertainment, AV, digital media and IT to fulfill its modern technology needs throughout the facility.

“Since the launch of NFL Network in 2003, the NFL and its media operations have become a go-to source for news, entertainment and engagement for millions of football fans around the globe,” said David Jurenka, senior vice president of NFL Media and general manager, Los Angeles. “We are thrilled to relocate our operations into a space that puts us closer to the game than ever before and places the NFL at the center of what will be the next great global entertainment destination with the amazing SoFi Stadium in our backyard.”

Completed spaces include collaboration and conference rooms, huddle spaces, cafe, multipurpose room, screening room, IT NOC, innovation lab, five production and one podcast studio, six NFL production and audio control rooms and three portable remote packages with four camera systems, eighteen edit rooms, two audio sweetening and 90 desktop editors and a massive curved videowall in the lobby to welcome all! A whopping 738 displays and 1400 strands of fiber connect it all. And, with more than 258 miles of Cat6A ethernet and Cat5E cabling, NFL Media is currently producing 1080p60 broadcasts with Dolby 5.1 audio but is capable of scaling to any format in the future, including HDR or 8K, thanks to its robust IP infrastructure.


Villanova University Performing Arts Center

Villanova University Performing Arts Center

From the Courts to the Big Stage, Villanova Provides all its Students a Chance at the Spotlight

Villanova University, a private research university, is likely best known for its annual appearance in March Madness. As a result, the school’s prowess on the stage and in the rehearsal room, while strong, has been historically overshadowed by its Division I basketball team. That story, however, won’t be told for much longer now that the University’s creative community has found itself in a new, $60 million showstopper of a home—the John and Joan Mullen Center for the Performing Arts.

The goal of the project was to construct a state-of-the-art performing arts center to support performances, creativity, engagement and exploration, enriching Villanova’s campus and enhancing educational opportunities. Diversified was selected as the AV systems solutions provider on this project for several reasons, including the company’s technological expertise and capability to deliver high complexity systems in the higher education and performing arts space.

The 85,000-square-foot campus hub boasts multiple professional-grade performance venues and support spaces within a single building to include a 400-seat proscenium theater, a 200-seat black-box theater and a 75-seat Performance Lab for more intimate and experimental productions, as well as classrooms, conference rooms, dance studio, multipurpose rooms and offices.

Diversified was able to provide much needed consultation with regards to live events, large venue audio and performance venue technology implementation with a solution that includes collaboration, unified communications, PA and live venue sound technologies. The video core of the system is a Crestron DM matrix switcher which interconnects most of the AV systems in the building. The proscenium theater features a Clair Brothers speaker system, Midas console, QSC QSys DSP, and Shure microphones. The building also utilizes a Clearcom intercom system for communication among the technical team throughout.

Despite many challenges with construction and the technology selected, Diversified was able to deliver a world class system for Villanova and now, students and audiences alike will benefit from the variety of performance opportunity such spaces and technologies can offer.


W.L. Gore Capabilities Center

W.L. Gore Capabilities Center

Immersive Exhibit Technology Helps to Tell the Story of Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork

W.L. Gore, award-winning developer and manufacturer of high-performance fluorocarbon polymers, set out to completely reinvent the tour experience within their W.L. Gore Capabilities Center while adding functionality and flexibility to existing systems. As a foundation, Gore was seeking a system that could meet the primary requirements of their Overview Tour, which features six main exhibits showcasing its corporate community and culture, focus on technology and product performance, and the story of the teams they work with. Thinking ahead, Gore also sought to expand the immersive exhibit technology to existing functionality to allow for any new use cases they could dream up in the future, including a science fair-style session showcasing IP content, a large audience board meeting, or social gatherings.

The systems needed to be incredibly reliable as they are used all day, every day for multiple tours and sessions. Additionally, the new systems and the content that they displayed needed to create a compelling experience and truly immerse the visitor in the story they were being told. To accomplish these goals, Diversified was brought into the project by Bluecadet, an experience strategy and design agency, who was responsible for not only redesigning the spatial experience but also generating all the custom, ultra-HD content and interactive applications.

“Diversified was a critical partner in the success of the Gore Capabilities Center. [They] designed and built a complex and elegant AV solution resulting in an incredibly successful project.”

Ellen Freifeld, Executive Producer, Bluecadet

Through systems expertise and years of proven experience, Diversified provided W.L. Gore the design, development, testing, fabrication, and deployment of the latest in immersive exhibit technology to include projection mapping, 4K LED video walls, interactive touch displays and high-performance media technology that turned Bluecadet’s experience design concept into a reality. What’s more, the duo was able to deliver this unique experience on an aggressive timeline of only three months.

Now reopened to the public, the newly upgraded Capabilities Center mirrors the forward-thinking nature of W.L. Gore itself with modern technology solutions and an incredibility compelling story that is sure to catch the eye of many for years to come.

Photo Credit: Bluecadet


Comcast Technology Center

Comcast Technology Center

State-of-the-Art Technology Nurtures an Enterprise Campus of Innovation and Collaboration

The Comcast Technology Center was conceived as a vertical enterprise campus to serve diverse uses including; Comcast’s research and development departments, television studios for NBC, and a 12-story luxury hotel. The tower provides a highly flexible workplace to nurture innovation with state-of-the-art technology for technologists, engineers, software architects, and executive teams to collaborate, develop and showcase products and services.

Given the size and complexity of the various technology specifications, Diversified was selected as the technology solutions provider for the project because of our expertise across multiple audio visual, digital signage, production and distribution technical competencies. Diversified worked with several different end user groups within Comcast to deliver the unique technology systems within their timeline and budget.

In the Comcast Technology Center, associates utilize technology that fluidly supports their needs and empowers their work to “imagine the future.”

The project scope included:

12-14th Floors

Broadcast Studios and Workplace Conference Rooms for NBC10, the local NBC affiliate station.

18th & 19th Floors

Town Hall: A hybrid auditorium, production and theater space featuring Dolby surround sound and media control room for production, distribution, and routing.

Conference Center: Multiple divisible and standard conference rooms with video teleconferencing capabilities.

20th Floor

Comcast Labs: Cutting-edge spaces with 4k video throughout several conference rooms, demo labs, a usability lab and observation testing rooms where Comcast collaborates internally to develop their latest cable TV products and demonstrate their products clients and partners.

Viewing Room: For screenings of Comcast Xfinity TV and NBC Universal film content as well as executive presentations with a 0.9mm pixel pitch, 35-foot wide LED display.

In the Media

NBC Philadelphia


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Park Hotels & Resorts

Park Hotels & Resorts

Digital Signage and Workplace Collaboration Technology for New Hotel Brand Headquarters

When one of Hilton Worldwide’s spinoff brands, Park Hotels & Resorts, decided to move its headquarters to a larger facility, they enlisted Diversified to provide audio visual systems design and installation services. The project, located on Tysons Boulevard in McLean, VA, consisted of wall-mounted LCD displays in the elevator lobby, huddle rooms, conference rooms, executive room, war room, reception and coffee bar, café, and boardroom with both digital signage and workplace collaboration technology.

In the elevator lobby, a 43” LCD display showcases playback of digital signage content via a media player located behind the display. The huddle rooms support content sharing from an HDMI input at the table or through a wirelessly connecting laptop, as well as audio conferencing and web conferencing capabilities. In the conference room, executive room, and war rooms, large format displays provide the same capabilities with an additional functionality of program audio playback from built-in speakers and audio-conferencing playback from a speakerphone.

The reception and coffee bar media wall is mounted inside a bookcase using a swingarm mount, and with source selection, channel selection and volume control from the cable tuner IR remote, supports either playback of cable TV or digital signage. The displays in the café are mounted back-to-back within custom-built furniture and have the capability of playing audio from ceiling speakers over the café area as well as auxiliary audio from ceiling speakers using a Bluetooth connection.

Finally, workplace collaboration technology in the boardroom boasts a 98” display for presentations and web conferencing, with the added capability to support video conferencing using software-based applications on a local PC or auxiliary laptop. Diversified also provided a wallmounted PTZ camera for web-conferencing from a USB-connected PC.

Diversified helped Park Hotel & Resorts to transform its new space into a modern facility consistent with their brand of luxury, upscale hospitality experiences.

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IBM X-Force Command

IBM X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center

Mobile Command Center Technology Accelerates Cybersecurity Training on the Road and Extends Accessibility

Following the success of their X-Force Command Center Training Facility, an immersive cybersecurity range preparing companies to effectively respond to cyberattacks, IBM created a new mobile facility utilizing the latest in command center technology. The project, based on a custom mobile trailer chassis, includes a command center operation area, conference room and exterior AV system. IBM needed a technology partner who understood command and control deployments and could design, install, integrate and maintain a multi-OEM product AV solution. With extensive experience in both mobile production and mission critical facilities, Diversified was the obvious choice. The design is based on the latest in HD display, collaboration and real-time, interactive telepresence technologies.

The Main Command Center technology is truly where the magic happens—outfitted with an operator console, enough displays to view real-time cyberattack updates from anywhere in the room, and an Oblong Mezzanine system for an interactive presentation experience. Interactivity between the five large displays and their operators is provided through interactive tracking devices and optical user wands installed in the front displays. Additional integrated content sources are provided via Apple TV and a Cisco Spark Room system. All cabling is in the floor for easier disconnection and movement with the furniture, further enhancing mobility.

The conference room was constructed with mobility and ease-of-use in mind. The front display is connected to the Cisco Spark Room system and integrated with room inputs, providing a built-in audio system. For video input, Diversified implemented a table interface for laptop connectivity.

The exterior AV system is comprised of a weather-proofed direct view LED screen and presents video and images from selected sources consisting of computer-generated shows and Apple TV sources. Diversified provided video processing devices to allow multiple sources to seamlessly display on the screen at any given time as well as a wireless microphone system enabling speech to be heard on this exterior system. A custom programmed control system enables control of all Main Command center technology, conference room and exterior AV system operations from one place.


American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics

Consistent Collaboration & Presentation Systems
Support Mission to Serve Doctors and Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is an organization of 67,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical sub-specialists and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of children. During construction of their new headquarters, the AAP met with Diversified to discuss their collaboration and presentation systems requirements in order to facilitate numerous medical education events as well as the committee and council meetings they host each year. Along with their requirements, the AAP emphasized that every dollar saved on operating costs furthers their mission of serving doctors and children.

Diversified partnered with AAP’s Director of IT and Technology to deliver comprehensive technology solutions with cost-effective system designs. The CEO Conference Room is outfitted with a Cisco WebEx room kit codec, and simplified controls for easy plug-and-play wired or wireless connectivity. The 3-way divisible room includes a Cisco WebEx room kit codec, and WebEx capability. Bosch Dicentis wireless conference systems with push-to-talk microphones are transported between the meeting rooms and connect into each audio video system. These devices, which provide high-quality sound reinforcement for board meetings and seminars, are easy for users to operate and quick for technology managers to set-up.

In the lobby atrium a high-definition 4×2 video wall welcomes associates and visitors. The video wall is comprised of Planar clarity matrix displays running content from a 22Miles digital signage platform. This same platform extends to digital signs throughout the building including the wayfinding kiosk which directs visitors to the appropriate room for each seminar and program.

From the collaboration and presentation systems in conference rooms to multiple divisible training rooms, sleek video wall and helpful wayfinding kiosk, the AAP appreciates the right-sized technology solutions Diversified provided to further their mission of serving doctors and their young patients.


Sheridan College

Sheridan College

Providing Higher Level Learning Environments with Integrated AV and IT Solutions

Sheridan College administration was looking for a way to upgrade conventional classrooms into state-of-the-art integrated learning spaces using AV and IT Solutions. To accomplish this, an experienced technology solutions provider was needed to provide interactive video technology in 17 classrooms throughout the new wing of their Brampton Campus.

As one of Canada’s top polytechnic institutes, Sheridan College is a leader in providing skills-based educational programming that integrates theory with application. Their dedication to providing students with exceptional learning methods prepares the students for careers in visual and performing arts, business, community services and technical fields.

Diversified was contracted to integrate ground-breaking audio visual (AV) and IT solutions in the new wing of the campus. Each room was installed with AV equipment featuring multiple projectors to give both teachers and students the opportunity to share digital and visual information in different ways.

Diversified partnered with Just Add Power to install the new AV equipment. Complete audio and video solutions were installed in the classrooms to provide students with a unique and interactive way of learning. A total of 16 flex classrooms featured two, four, or six NEC commercial grade projectors; the last room was designated the college “Co-Lab” and featured six projectors.

All classrooms feature Dell computers, AverMedia 350+ Doc cameras and advanced audio components, all controlled by a central control panel to allow teachers to fully interact with the students through digital displays. To facilitate mobility, teachers can use the wireless gooseneck microphones also connected to the AV setup.

Sheridan was so pleased with the installation that they are looking to implement this design in 150 more classrooms throughout their Brampton, Mississauga and Oakville campuses.


Agnico Eagle

Agnico Eagle

Mining Company understands value of investment with energy saving video wall

Agnico Eagle recently set out to replace their 10-year-old AV system in their Toronto executive boardroom. In doing so, they wanted to be sure to incorporate the latest, most innovative energy saving video wall display and video conferencing technology on the market.

The solution envisioned by Diversified features an all-new video conferencing and control system, including a SMART 84″ Interactive Flat Panel Display and SMART Meeting Pro software for video conferencing and presentations, a Crestron wireless touch panel and processor for control, as well as Sony hi-res camera and Apple TV system for high-definition video streaming. The main attraction, a 9’ x 6’ high Prysm energy saving video wallvideo wall, sits at the head of the executive table.

Agnico Eagle toured Diversified’s display showroom in Toronto and decided on the Prysm display to enhance office suite work, conduct presentations and host video conferencing sessions. Although Prysm was more of an investment, Agnico Eagle understood the value of their patented laser tiles that require less maintenance in the long run. The eco-credentials and energy saving attributes really helped convince them that Prysm was the right technology.

The Prysm collaboration video wall includes in a 5×4 tile configuration made up of 20 TD2 tiles, a video wall controller, interconnect cabling and a decorative skin. With a lifecycle of five years, Prysm technology is extremely energy-efficient, using less power than the common household hair drier.

Diversified designed the video wall so that it recesses into the wall behind it, appearing as if the digital signage is built into the building’s infrastructure. The video wall truly transforms the office space.


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