Wright Medical Technology

Skype for Business Integration for Geographically-Dispersed Team Collaboration

Wright Medical Technology (WMT) is the recognized leader in surgical solutions for the foot and ankle, offering these and other products in more than 60 countries. With the divestiture of certain business segments and the need for new facilities, WMT moved to a new HQ, in which a priority was to re-engineer meeting room technology, especially the video collaboration systems essential to geographically- dispersed teams. To accomplish this, WMT sought the integration of Skype for Business. “[Skype for Business] was very attractive to us, especially with our large sales force and our many sales and distribution hubs.” says Mike Colley, End User Infrastructure Architect for WMT. “We were already heavy users of Microsoft Office® and wanted to take advantage of the tools Skype offered beyond email, desk phones and cell phones.”

Within three months, Diversified installed Crestron RL systems in 26 conference rooms and executive offices and a custom package in the boardroom. Each of the standard packages includes one or two 65” displays with interactive whiteboarding and screen markup capabilities, a communications codec based on Skype, a fixed-focus, HD camera with microphone, a speaker bar on each display, and a 10” tabletop control panel. In the boardroom, which includes a 22 seat oval table, Diversified’s custom solution includes a 103” plasma, a PTZ camera and a sound system with an audio processor and delegated microphones. Each room provides the advanced presentation and collaboration features WMT was looking for including room-to- room and room-to-individual. “We’re also able to connect to traditional, standards- based video conferencing systems through a bridge that Diversified provides,” Colley adds. That’s especially useful because WMT works closely with orthopedic surgeons in developing products, and the surgeons may not always be Skype users.

As an ISO-9001 certified company, WMT was concerned that everything followed best practices, including making all user interfaces as consistent as possible. So, Diversified programmed the control screens to look and work almost exactly the same as the Crestron RL systems and installed a Crestron AirMedia™ Gateway in every room for easy, wireless presentation.