United Way

Unique Digital Communication Strategy Leads to Innovative Use of Collaboration Technology

United Way of Central Indiana needed a new, collaborative space for its associates, partners and volunteers. Additionally, they wanted the new headquarters to reinforce its timeless mission and “New U” community-impact strategy, which places heightened emphasis on specific, measurable community goals for education, financial stability, health and basic needs. One of the more innovative, unique features of United Way’s digital communication strategy is that the various displays throughout the space support both digital signage and collaboration applications. So, in order to fully achieve their vision, the new headquarters needed to be equipped with easy to use collaborative technologies. Diversified also had to deploy sophisticated technologies in a way that would be transparent to non-technical users and staff, which created some interesting challenges.

To accomplish this, Diversified staff worked closely with United Ways’ IT support contractor to connect all equipment on the secured network. Additionally, because IP addresses are not the most intuitive format for non-technical staff members, the network team created a custom DNS directory to allow associates to enter the room name as an identifier for the device to which they wished to connect. That task took careful planning and coordination between Diversified and the IT firm, and it resulted in a big win for the client’s ease of use.

Through careful attention to the needs of both users and AV/IT staff, along with thorough planning and project management, our team was able to retrofit a large, future-proof system successfully, without disrupting the important work of our client. Employees are now able to approach any of the LCD flat panel displays and plug in their chosen devices or connect wirelessly for easy, ad-hoc collaboration sessions. Furthermore, between 8am and 6pm, any display not being used for collaboration automatically defaults to digital signage. This way, no displays are dark during business hours and messages are shared constantly throughout this active, synergetic space.