MarketScale Podcast with Diversified’s Federal Solutions Group

Thought Leaders in the Federal Technology Solutions Market Highlight Challenges to Operating Within the Unique Vertical.

Podcast Highlights

  • Diversified’s business is highly technical, but without a relationship building component, few contracts would get signed.
  • Working with federal agencies often requires a dedicated workforce that can obtain clearances.
  • Control center technology continues advancing, with many clients looking for seamless video walls instead of LCD screens.

Due to the additional security requirements—both in regard to the technology design and even the personnel at times—it’s no secret that providing technology solutions for federal agencies can be like crossing a field of landmines. However, Diversified’s Federal Solutions Group has gained the experience and knowledge to help sidestep potential project casualties and deliver repeated performance within the market.

Diversified thought leaders and industry experts Jonathon Reany (Vice President of Diversified’s Federal Solutions Group), Chris Hagewood (Account Manager) and Richard Winters (Manager of Design Services) join MarketScale’s ProAV podcast host, Daniel Litwin, for a panel-style conversation focused on designing, installing and maintaining command and control solutions for federal agencies, including the DoD.

“The federal government marketplace is so nuanced, and if you don’t understand those nuances, you can cause a lot of inefficiencies on a project and set yourself up for failure,” says Reany. “Having that understanding is extremely beneficial to the end user.”

With demand continuing to grow in the market, reputation and consistency of service experience and results are key. From strategic partnerships and contract vehicles to understanding the unique functional requirements and delivering reliable and quality solutions time and time again, learn from concept to completion what it takes to bring even the most complex federal command and control projects to life.

Listen to the full podcast below.