Kevin Collins Joins Leadership Conversations Podcast

Topics range from driving associate success and fostering client relationships to leadership skills and welcoming feedback in the workplace

Kevin Collins, President of Diversified’s International Business Unit, joins Jonno White for a recent episode of the Leadership Conversations podcast. As one of Diversified’s first employees when the company was founded in in 1993, Collins has watched Diversified grow from 20 associates to over 2,000 team members around the globe. Throughout his tenure, Collins has held multiple leadership positions. Challenged by the ever-changing technology landscape, he has worked to continually adapt his position and team direction to changes within the industry.

Collins reflects on mentors throughout his career and brings up an interesting point about his failures. “Failure has been my greatest resource of learning,” says Collins. “Many failures feel bad at the moment they happen, but I’ve always tried to not make excuses.” Along with learning from failure, Collins attributes success to mentorship and listening skills. Collins continues to dive into his leadership style and tips on building the best team possible.

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