Panel Discussion: JT-NM ProAV Technology Roadmap for IPMX

Leveraging IP standards from the broadcast market to develop standards for ProAV

Much like we’ve seen the rise of IP standards in the broadcast market over the last several years, the push to create a standard for IP within ProAV has been gaining momentum as well. However, because ProAV can encompass so many different verticals including professional, commercial and retail, there are different challenges in IP standards development compared to what was identified with ST 2110 in the broadcast market.

IPMX is based on these proven SMPTE ST 2110 standards but adapted to specifically suit the needs of ProAV. Karl Paulsen, Diversified CTO, joins this panel of industry experts and thought leaders to discuss the JT-NM ProAV Technology Roadmap.

“If we could take some of the approaches of a 4K implementation and apply them in a ProAV world—equating what they had to do to make that work—we’d have a whole new equation here, for both ends, and everyone wins in that environment,” says Paulsen. “I think that’s the point behind this. Everyone wins by making this interchangeable and interoperable.”

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