On-Prem or In Cloud? Optimizing Media Storage Strategies 

Implementing the right end-to-end system storage strategy for an entire media ecosystem 

Configuring an end-to-end media storage solution for a new facility can be challenging. The previous notion of “storage tiers” that were once critical in dividing elements are now creating challenges in managing the data movement between them as well as effectively tailoring storage types for best uses and applications. 

With today’s evolving technology, it’s simply no longer practical to rely on a single storage element or just the cloud to support modern media production activities. In his latest TV Tech article,  Karl Paulsen, discusses differing storage structures, managing by type to fit needs and the importance of scalability when determining the best solution strategy for different ecosystems.  

By carefully modeling with best-of-breed data storage products, new solutions could be solved using complex data activity predictions and automation. As seen below, highly sophisticated structures in today’s media asset management solutions allow storage administrations to apply variants in storage sets across groups of individual topologies and workflows.


Read the full article to learn more about key considerations and how on-prem and cloud storage capabilities are teaming up to meet the needs of today’s media productions.