Efficient Asset Management for Effective Video Communication Strategies

Effectively Manage Digital Media Assets and Create Unified Workflows

Video communications are playing an increasingly important role in delivering key messages, both internally and externally, as well as building brand equity. During the ongoing global pandemic, video has become even more crucial as a replacement to in-person meetings and events to effectively reach dispersed audiences.

Many organizations are looking for a singular platform that can operate as the “brains of their operation” to manage digital media assets and create unified workflows. The Dalet Flex Media Platform is a unique offering that not only serves as a digital media asset management (MAM) system but also as an orchestration platform. This allows teams to manage and create actions within the MAM as well as numerous adjacent and supporting applications.

So how would this be used in the real world?

For example, a corporate marketing team might use Kaltura for centralizing videos, BrightCove to stream videos from the CEO for townhalls and send content to website, then YouTube and social media applications for marketing branded content. Dalet Flex allows them to tie into each of those applications, through a single interface and not only distribute but to also track the meta data for delivery and analytics performance.

On the other hand, a broadcast company would have ingest from several different avenues, master control, run down, scheduling and distribution. The Dalet Flex orchestration platform allows teams to connect those various applications creating a single, cohesive media supply chain. This also means that editorial and post-production teams could be tied into on-air production for real-time post-production engagement.

Either way, the Flex Media Platform helps you manage digital media assets and to take your video strategy beyond the next level by overcoming these common obstacles.

Unify Your Team

Sometimes the larger the organization, the more disconnected the teams and processes. However, a strategic media asset management tool will bring increased efficiency and brand consistency.  The Flex Media Platform helps connect dispersed teams and aggregates localized content for global visibility. Plus, it integrates with your entire technology ecosystem and standardizes UI/UX, workflows and processes.

Unlock Efficiency

Duplicated efforts not only waste time but money and resources as well. Flex helps automate actions and focus manual tasks to save time and improve consistency. Bottom line, you can complete four times as many projects with the same personnel.

Hide Complexity with Elegance

Simple and intuitive UX makes being an expert easy. Flex offers an intuitive, web-based user interface that enables users to publish, unpublish and republish content to a wide range of distribution points, platforms and social media—even orchestrating workflows to deliver content to OTT platforms at given intervals or following other metadata criteria.

Overall, Dalet’s Flex users have reported:

Dalet Ooyala manage digital media assets

Download the Dalet Flex Solution Brief to learn how to:

  • Improve engagement with your clients and stakeholders
  • Complete 4x as many projects with the same personnel
  • Unify your team and unlock content efficiency

Want to discuss leveraging this solution in your operation? Diversified’s Media Workflow Group is here to help.

Contact this unique team of experts who stand by the motto “Media asset management is 70% psychology and 30% technology,” because they understand that the key to a successful MAM is gaining mindshare and creating adoption.

This is achieved when the MAM system feels organic and does not create additional processes for the post-production teams. Additionally, it’s important that a MAM is cohesive in an environment, as opposed to one that doesn’t tie into existing applications thereby creating silo’d workflows.