Video Conferences Just Became More Inclusive

KUDO is Offering Real-Time Sign Language Interpretation

NEW YORK, NY – KUDO has just made the web conferencing space more inclusive. The Manhattan-based startup now offers real-time sign language interpretation for web conferences or video conferences.

At the click of a button, deaf participants to a meeting can get a pop-up window of an interpreter signing into the appropriate language. Image quality is crisp, with a negligible latency of 200ms. The solution works as well on computers as it does on smartphones.

The cloud-based web conferencing platform already allowed users to add language interpretation to meetings small and large. With KUDO, participants are free to express themselves in their mother tongue, with human interpreters doing the translation live from remote hubs throughout the world.

KUDO’s sign language release is a laudable push for more inclusion in corporate meetings. Their release coincides with the thirteenth anniversary of the enactment of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Over the years, the resolution has been adopted by more than 170 governments, which have committed to protecting and upholding the dignity of those living with disabilities. But the corporate world has been slow in catching up.

Sign language is a broad and wild universe. It encompasses many different languages, with each country developing its own set of signs. For English alone, there is British Sign Language (BSL), American Sign Language, Australian Sign Language (Auslan), and a few more. There are also variants in Spanish, Portuguese and French. KUDO accommodates all of them. And it does so quite affordably, as interpreters don’t have to travel.

Disseminating the use of sign language is a major milestone in inclusion. It empowers the deaf to fully participate in meetings in a language they can understand.

“KUDO is all about inclusion, “ explains KUDO’s CEO Fardad Zabetian, himself an immigrant. “We are very happy to include the deaf community. No other video conferencing platform does that.”

KUDO has made the meeting space more productive. And it is innovating again by making it a lot more inclusive.

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About KUDO

KUDO is a cloud-based solution for multilingual business collaboration. It allows you to meet more effectively across geographic and language barriers. KUDO streams real-time language interpretation to your meetings and live conferences, so everyone can use their own language. Participants can join through their own computers or smart devices. Speakers, attendees, and interpreters can be in the room or half a world across.

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