MarketScale Interviews Kevin Collins on Emerging Markets and Trends in the Pro AV Industry

Globalization and the desire for global technology standards are driving the future of enterprise workspaces.

At ISE 2020, MarketScale interviewed Diversified’s President, Kevin Collins, to give insight into what’s driving the Pro AV industry forward, including such trends as global technology standards and the globalization of enterprise organizations.

“It’s really [about] people having an expectation with multi-national enterprise companies—that their associate collaboration experience is a universal experience globally,” says Collins. “You really want to be able to walk into a room in Hong Kong, in Bangkok, or New York and have a similar experience.”

The trend is ultimately workplace technology that is not only predictable, but also manageable—a trend being driven by members of corporate enterprise leadership seeking reliable, global solutions for their associates. Furthermore, it’s not only about Pro AV or collaboration spaces but a holistic approach to the global technology standards of the entire enterprise to include office security, digital signage, IT networking or even live event and broadcast support.

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