MarketScale Interviews Diverified’s Karl Paulsen and Jason Kornweiss

Technology Education Tools for the Media and AV Industry

 Karl Paulsen, Diversified CTO, and Jason Kornweiss, Vice President and General Manager of Diversified’s Emerging Technology & Solutions specialty group, joined Daniel Litwin of ProAV Podcast to discuss IP technology education tools for staying up to date on, and even ahead of, the constantly evolving technology landscape that helps maintain a competitive edge for Diversified and their clients.

“We’re probably experiencing, right now, the biggest transition that we’ve dealt with in terms of video and media itself since the conversion of analog to digital in the late 90s,” says Karl.

When the broadcast industry began transitioning to a networked architecture, standards had to be rewritten for these new IP environments. During the process of preparing and training their own teams to work in this new networked architecture, the Diversified team immediately recognized the need for IP technology education within media companies as well.

Diversified’s exclusive IP Roadshow was developed in 2017 and has been continuously running around the world ever since, educating the market on the changing technology landscape and its impacts on the broadcast industry—making more than 40 stops to date, including Japan and Korea.

“One of our 2020 initiatives is to help educate the industry by leveraging all the work and momentum that we’ve been successful with for the IP Roadshow,” says Jason. “We’ve turned that into a modular opportunity to bring our experts on-site to a client’s location with the IP Roadshow and related educational materials to begin bringing their teams through the new technology standards.”

While several manufacturers may offer similar educational opportunities, their focus highlights how their products specifically integrate into a network system. Diversified’s approach is more end-user-centric. The IP Roadshow is drawn from real-world use cases and takes a more holistic stance that includes more than 15 different manufacturers in the same hardware laboratory demonstrating that different products will play nicely under the correct rules–even if they’re competing vendors to each other.