InsideView Improves CRM Data Quality for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Users

Customer Data Management Solution Cleans and Enriches Dynamics Data and Provides Actionable Insights

Diversified is excited to partner with InsideView on data management offerings to help keep our clients’ data clean.

When it comes to business intelligence, working from poor quality data can prove costly. Many Microsoft Dynamics 365 clients use the InsideView Insights app for sales and marketing intelligence, and now InsideView is launching a new app to help clean and enrich CRM data.

“With everyone working from home, InsideView data has become critical for our sales team, enabling us to research prospects in global regions and find new ways to connect with decision makers” said Anthony Cuellar, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at Diversified. “It’s shown us how valuable clean and enriched data is for sales and marketing especially as we expand into new markets around the world. By maintaining the health and accuracy of our client data, InsideView Data Integrity will allow us to get even more benefit out of our CRM.”

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