Composing an Infrastructure in the Cloud

Diversified’s CTO and industry thought leader, Karl Paulsen, highlights benefits and strategic considerations when developing intelligent systems.

While the saying of “get your head out of the clouds” might seek to snap someone back to reality, today’s reality is that the cloud is precisely where many of today’s leading organizations are moving some of their most complex and critical systems.

As a frequent contributor to TV Technology, Karl Paulsen’s latest article reveals how intelligent systems are helping to make monumental improvements in overall capabilities.

“Agility is just one of the core reasons for utilizing the cloud and its infrastructure,” says Paulsen. “Other objectives include services that are ‘friction free,’ with control systems that maximize available resources and systems that provide a peak ROI over an infrastructure organized using automated provisioning and intelligent managed resources.”

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In terms of enhancing capabilities, the sky is the limit when leveraging the cloud. Contact Diversified’s Emerging Technology & Solutions team to learn more.