We Don’t Need to be Told What ‘the New Normal’ is, We All Have the Ability to Define It

Diversified Senior Account Executive Provides Optimistic Glimpse at Unprecedented Technology Transformation

Diversified has long been known for its innovation—developing exciting technology solutions to fit evolving needs and bring imagination to reality. As we see a decline in the pandemic and more cities are opening back up, we’re embarking upon an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to reshape their future and define their own “new normal.”

While we’ve heard different variations of what our post-pandemic world might look like and how things we once did will be forever changed, very few seem to be focused on the flipside of this new horizon.

“No one is giving their prediction of what the new normal will be, they’re giving their prediction of what the new normal won’t be by simply supporting the best current alternative,” says Joe Dunbar, senior account executive at Diversified in a recent InAVate Guest Column. “We’re approaching it from the wrong angle; right now, every company has the opportunity to determine what the ‘new normal’ will be for themselves and can leave the old rules behind.”

This redesign is an exciting adventure to reimagine spaces that are more flexible to better accommodate multiple functions and a variety of work habits. As Joe says, “What lies in front of us is the chance to positively impact the everyday lives of millions of people who will use our solutions.”

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