Leveraging AV Technology to Bring History to Life

Museums and exhibits to increase immersive technology and redefine the visitor experience after the pandemic.

Immersive technology has been transforming the museum experience around the world for several years as a way to attract and engage new generations of visitors. However, with now faced with additional challenges in balancing educating and entertaining with new health and safety requirements, museum directors are turning to solution providers to help create experiences that are both safe and engaging. “Innovation in exhibit design has been forced on us by COVID-19 in a truly global sense,” says Carol Feeley-Vario, project director at Diversified. “From small traveling exhibits to large institutions, we will all have to find a way to keep people safe.”

Focused on delivering interactivity with fewer high-touch surfaces, immersive exhibit design will become even more prevalent in keeping guests engaged while creating a safe learning atmosphere. “Typically, the entry to these is already timed. You follow through in a set series of stages, nothing is touched, and there are no small labels on the wall to read” that might create a crowd, adds Feeley-Vario.

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