IABM Vendor Panel | How COVID-19 is Accelerating Technology Transition & Innovation

Kevin Collins joins panel of industry experts to discuss the rise of technology adoption that will help support operations in a post pandemic world.

The effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic are generating changes not only in the day-to-day routines in our personal lives but are also accelerating the adoption of new technology trends for industries all around the world. Kevin Collins, president of Diversified and leader of the company’s international initiatives, joined IABM’s panel to highlight the growing and emerging technology trends he’s seeing in the market.

“COVID has really taken trends that were already starting to manifest themselves and that we could see over the next few years were going to take hold and kickstarted a hyper digital evolution,” says Collins. “The sudden and drastic change of events really had people going right to some of these technology trends and trying to push them to their maximum.”

Mindsets are changing in regards to business continuity preparedness. These ongoing technology trends are hyper accelerated because their benefits to drive increased automation and remote capabilities–enabling workflows that will be required in the future.

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