The Big Pivot: Using Sports Venue Technology in New Ways

How sports venues are adapting and thriving through the use of technology, despite the effects of COVID-19.

Energy, rivalry and victory—the trifecta of elements for an exciting match, no matter the sport. Over the recent years, these aspects have been key components in the sports venue playbook of technology innovation as they were faced with having to transform the way they did business. Their goal? To create an immersive, energetic and memorable experience that would not only entice fans to attend events in person but also leave them looking forward to coming back again.

Their rival? The home theater. With so many advances in broadcast and audio-visual technology ranging from enormous television screens that display HD / UHD content to the transition to IP-based infrastructures that make consuming that content even better, to the introduction of social media and over-the-top (OTT) livestreaming apps, more fans are choosing to stay home—enjoying the game from the comfort of their own couch.

Now it’s a question of how to achieve the victory. Just as any business looking to expand their reach and grow their operations, sports venues from near and far became laser focused on enhancing their product—or in this case, an experience—and diversifying their offerings.

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