HPA Tech Retreat: ABC, AWS, Diversified, and Game Creek on the Opportunities and Challenges of Moving to IP

SVG News covers the evolution of video-distribution infrastructure to IP

If IP infrastructure isn’t one of the hottest topics in the media and broadcast industry today, then we haven’t lived the deployment of it more than two dozen times. (Hint: it is, and we have).

In the latest from SVG News, Jason Dachman covers an HPA Tech Retreat panel featuring Diversified CTO, Karl Paulsen, discussing various approaches to the technology shift and how Diversified is ‘[blazing] the trail for IP-based facilities.’

“Bob Hesskamp [EVP, engineering, WarnerMedia] said they did not want a facility to go online and that, the day it went online, it could be out of date or obsolete. So that was really their major choice in going in the direction of IP,” commented Paulsen when asked about Diversified’s recent work at WarnerMedia/CNN in Hudson Yards, NY.

Paulsen goes on to compare the IP infrastructure shift to that of the introduction of PCs in the 1980s. We’re still in the ‘innovators stage,’ but with IP projects deployed as early as 2016, we’re now starting to develop and perfect best practices. Ultimately, it’s not a matter of if you should make the move, it’s an inevitable evolution of the technology landscape and the early birds will get the worm.

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