HDR’s Progress, How It’s Changing In-Venue Production and What Lies Ahead

Diversified’s Stu Reynolds joins SVG Systems Integrator Summit panel to discuss HDR and remote trends changing the landscape of today’s sports venues.

With no fans in the stands for the 2020 sports seasons, one might have guessed that venues had taken a timeout on any planned upgrades to technology given the reduced revenue and practically nonexistent attendance. However, the reality was just the opposite. Knowing that an unforgettable experience to welcome fans back to the venues would be more critical than ever for the kickoff of the 2021 seasons, many venues used this unprecedented time to perform major upgrades—including HDR media production technology deployments—that would have been more challenging amid normal seasons.

“As we heralded the era of COVID and all panicked that there wouldn’t be much sports work, we’ve found out that we’ve never been busier in our entire lives,” noted Diversified’s Stu Reynolds, Director of Sports & Live Events.

During the 2021 SVG Systems Integrator Summit, Reynolds joined a team of other industry experts to discuss the rise of HDR media production and other venue-control room technology trends including remote workflows and IP solutions, their challenges, capabilities and key considerations before jumping into major technology projects.

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