The Evolution of Multimedia Cloud

From tape to data, how the cloud has evolved—expanding capabilities and reimagining the role of technology in multimedia strategies.

Cloud-based multimedia can be useful when addressing global challenges, telling stories, linking commercial content with programs and more. However, multimedia didn’t start in the cloud. For decades, videotape was a widely adopted and accepted methodology for packaging multimedia elements into a cohesive and linear format. As technology has progressed, the cloud continues to redefine connectivity capabilities.

“Cloud playout services are now pretty well flushed out,” notes Karl Paulsen, Diversified CTO in a recent TV Technology article. “Cloud now offers numerous options, is flexible, and is in use by many content providers besides just those local or network entities such as broadcast stations or networks.”

As an industry expert in the thick of these innovations, Paulsen breaks down the evolution of the multimedia cloud alongside the history of content creation to understand how multimedia creation and its content distribution are prime candidates for the cloud.

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