Diversified Expands Partnership with Appspace to Offer Clients a Unified Workplace Experience Platform

With the Appspace workplace experience platform, Diversified clients can improve employee experience and achieve cost savings.

Kenilworth, NJDiversified, a leading global technology solutions provider, can now offer its clients a unified workplace communication and workplace management platform through Appspace, the leading provider of workplace experience software. The Appspace platform combines solutions for space reservation, digital signage, an employee app, and a modern intranet.

Through a long-standing partnership, Diversified has offered Appspace workplace communication solutions, including digital signage, to its clients in various vertical markets, including banking, technology, and healthcare. The expanded relationship means Diversified can offer workplace management solutions to their clients – many of whom are investing in flexible workplace options for employees.

According to many reports, some companies expect to reduce their IT spending in 2023 to brace for an uncertain economic climate. By consolidating workplace communication and workplace management into one platform from Appspace, Diversified can help clients reduce their technology spending by eliminating the need for multiple siloed products.

Appspace also recently launched their app for Microsoft Teams, which allows organizations to embed the Appspace employee app functionality and other Appspace features into Microsoft Teams. The Appspace app for Microsoft Teams further helps organizations generate cost savings and productivity by reducing the number of solutions required for their workplace management and communication needs.

“For more than ten years, we’ve witnessed first-hand the innovation Appspace brings to the workplace experience,” says Liz Davis, President of Workplace Solutions at Diversified. “This innovation is becoming increasingly more important as our clients look to enhance employee engagement, whether their employees are remote, hybrid, or frontline workers. Appspace enables us to better deliver on this important need through one single platform.”

Adds Scott Chao, Chief Growth Officer at Appspace, “Many Fortune 500 companies and other organizations are rationalizing their real estate footprints as they embrace more flexible work options. At the same time, they need smarter technology to keep employees engaged and informed. Through this expanded partnership, Appspace will help Diversified offer their clients a simpler workplace experience platform to improve employee engagement and drive IT cost savings.”

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At Diversified, we leverage the best in technology and on-going advisory services to transform businesses. Our comprehensive suite of solutions are engineered to help our clients build connections that make a difference – whether by inspiring viewers, engaging associates, motivating audiences, or streamlining and safeguarding operations. We connect people, technology and experiences, where and when it matters most. Our solutions reach millions every day. Founded in 1993, we’re a global organization serving local needs with 2,000+ employees worldwide. Learn more at onediversified.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Appspace

Appspace is the workplace experience platform for communications and workplace management. It’s the first to combine a modern intranet (powered by Beezy), space reservation, digital signage, and more – all in a single, easy-to-use platform. Now organizations can replace siloed products that are costly to integrate and unite their physical and digital workplace. More than 150 Fortune 500 companies, and 10 million on-site, remote, and frontline employees, are using Appspace to make work a more connected and engaging experience. Learn more at www.appspace.com.

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