Diversified Erases House of Worship Line-array Aversion

Collaborates with Client on Ingenious Design & Integrates Modern Tech

In order to deliver the moving musical performances and uplifting sermons that are a hallmark of contemporary worship, a modern-day church needs to keep its AV systems current, if not cutting edge. So, when Josh Cash was hired to be the new Tech Director at The MET Church (Houston TX), he made upgrading the venue’s outdated speaker system his top priority.

“We had three clusters of large boxes from a well-known manufacturer,” Cash recalled. “By the time I got there, they weren’t even using the center cluster. We reprogrammed all the engineering to get rid of the center cluster and run stereo out of the remaining boxes. It was messy. And, the way the boxes were hung, there was a bunch of space in between the clusters. So, no area in the room sounded like any other area.”

A system failure that occurred while Cash was out of town proved to be the last straw for the old system, and The MET Church decided to put the project out for bid. Diversified submitted the winning bid, thanks to some innovative ideas from Design Engineer Scott Clark. As it turns out, Clark and Cash go way back, having crossed paths several times over the years in various worship AV-related roles; thus, Cash was more than confident that Clark was up to the task. “Scott’s just an amazing engineer,” Cash said. “I’ve seen him knock out re-tuning a room in 40 minutes many times.”

This was an immensely interesting project that Diversified was proud to take on. Click here to read the full story of this integration.