Nuances of Delivering Technology Solutions Within the MENA Region

Suhail Ahmed, regional leader of Diversified’s Dubai operations, highlights nuances of being a global provider operating in the MENA region.

As a global technology solutions provider, Diversified proudly partners with clients around the world to meet their technology needs. Suhail Ahmed, regional leader of Diversified’s Dubai operations, recently sat down with BroadcastPro ME to discuss some of the unique nuances of delivering technology solutions to the MENA region.

“Entities often deploy technologies because it ticks a box rather than because they genuinely need it. It is probably one of the reasons why you will not see them adapt a technology to the level that you see of cloud, for example, in Europe and the U.S.,” says Ahmed. “For example, if you build a 4K studio but only create 1080i, what was the objective of having it? That’s the difference between a 4K project in, say, the U.S. or Europe, where this is a whole end-to-end commercial plan on why it’s being executed.”

Additional topics include:

  • Advocating an IT approach for a broadcast business
  • NDI vs. SMPTE ST2110
  • Challenges organizations face in the digital domain

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