Designing the IP-Based Media Network, Part 2

Diversified CTO, Karl Paulsen, discusses how changing technologies impact next-gen broadcast facility designs and implementations.

Broadcast facilities are already beginning the transition from SDI-infrastructures to IP-based network-centric facilities. Many expect significant changes to occur over the next five years and beyond. Content creation, production, and distribution entities will likely shift from the traditional SDI to an IP-based network topology employing common off-the-shelf (COTS) solution sets, steeped in software defined networking (SDN). With that change, the transport and manipulation of high bit rate (HBR), uncompressed (UC) media signals—especially for live/real-time production activities—will become the “next-generation infrastructure” of our future.

Recently adopted SMPTE standards, including ST 2022-6 & -7 and ST 2110; accompanied by industry forums (AIMS, VSF, AMWA) with their own initiatives and augmentations, are the driving forces that will essentially reshape the entire broadcast facility. Buckle your seat belts, we’re all in for an exciting and innovative ride.

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