Diversified Brings Custom LED Solutions to Life for eBay’s Main Street

Diversified sits with Float4 to paint a behind the scenes picture of eBay’s Main Street transformation.

With eBay’s newest addition to its Silicon Valley campus, a building known as Main Street, the company sought to reinvigorate its brand identity, reinvent its culture, and reenergize its associates. The new building serves as the entrance to the campus, welcoming associates and partners into an immersive, media-rich environment that captures the organization’s culture and engages its visitors.

The LED display in the Main Street Hall spans 45 feet wide by 12 foot high in a five-screen, 2.5 millimeter configuration.

Partnering once again with New York-based ESI Design to transform the space*, their imagination and designs provided the foundation for Diversified to engineer and deliver custom LED solutions unparalleled by anything else in the market, complete with innovative and interactive digital content via the RealMotion platform developed by the team at Float4.

Following the project’s completion, Diversified sat with Sound & Video Contractor Magazine and Float4 to discuss how the project came together and how Diversified’s dynamic breadth of capabilities contributed to the state-of-the-art space that is re-inspiring eBay’s team.

Through the skillful integration of hardware and software, the team delivered custom LED solutions that captures the activity of eBay’s website in real-time, from users around the globe, and presents those transactions in fun and engaging ways that provide a more imaginative and meaningful visualization of the company’s offerings.

Diversified’s specialized teams around the world tackle projects of all sizes and in all of today’s leading markets. Just as with the Main Street project, we thrive on the challenge of creating unique spaces that make a statement and provide the end user an interactive and dynamic experience that goes beyond that of traditional technology solutions.

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*Diversified has partnered with ESI on many occasions, including Terrell Place in Washington, DC and The Beacon at PNC Tower in Pittsburgh.