On-demand Webinar 

How to Create an Immersive World Using disguise xR

Today more than ever, organizations around the world are focusing heavily on creating the highest quality, most engaging online experiences possible. Even as we all evaluate reopening and returning to some semblance of normalcy, new challenges will emerge that combine the recent, rapid digital transformation in online broadcasting with the natural limitations of a live audience. Innovations like Extended Reality shift the production process by allowing the creation of fully immersive experiences.

To help our clients address these challenges, Diversified has partnered with disguise, a company at the forefront of mixed reality and augmented reality. Their tools blend real time, rendered digital content with real life objects and people, creating shared experiences that are no longer limited by constraints of a physical location or environment. Even better—the experience is virtually seamless for audiences both behind a camera as well as in the room.

Creatives are proving that this technology represents a disruptive opportunity for forward thinking organizations to leverage media and environment in entirely new ways. This webinar will inspire you to imagine what is possible.