Console Furniture Solutions

for the Modern Operations Center

Southeast Region Webinar Series | Wednesday, July 24, 2 pm ET

Mission Critical Operations Centers of all types are unique work environments. Whether it’s a 911 call center, a security operations center or your local electric utility dispatch center, the demands placed on the operators that staff these facilities is sometimes daunting; having the right furniture/console solution can help to minimize stress and fatigue, as well as reduce the many negative health effects of poorly designed workspaces.

If you’re looking for more information about how to increase your staff’s productivity, look no further than the console furniture. Join us for the “Control Room Best Practices for the Modern Operations Center” webinar to learn more about the nuances behind how to get the most out of the consoles your staff uses.

Helping operators of mission critical environments in the Southeastern US Increase Awareness, Reduce Response Times, Improve Decision Making