Inside AV’s First $1B Company: How and Why Diversified Acquired Sensory Technologies

Leadership from both companies sit down with Craig MacCormack to discuss Diversified’s recent acquisition of Sensory Technologies.

In early February, Diversified proudly announced the acquisition of Sensory Technologies, an Indianapolis-based ProAV firm with a strong reputation in the industry. In an interview with Commercial Integrator’s Craig MacCormack, leadership members from Diversified and Sensory Technologies shared the story of how they joined forces and what it means for both companies and their clients.

Despite the article’s title, the $1 billion revenue milestone had nothing to do with the merger nor has it ever been the focus for Diversified founder and CEO, Fred D’Alessandro.

“It always starts with culture, client satisfaction and the associates,” says D’Alessandro. “We don’t need to be the biggest; we need to be the best. It’s a perfect partnership. Geography is a big part of the strategy. Diversified is about growth. That’s the key driver.”

Additionally, Craig notes that it didn’t take long for the team at Sensory Technologies to understand what the deal means for them and the clients they bring with them to Diversified.

“Our associates applauded when the Diversified team came to Indianapolis to welcome Sensory Technologies,” says Anne Sellers.

Andrew Sellers added, “It’s exciting to see our associates excited about their opportunity in the expanded company and where they can go. The ceiling’s been lifted for them. It’s fun to watch that.”

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