Wells Fargo Center

Turning Vision into Reality with Dynamic, Experiential Digital Content

Diversified was contracted by Beacon Capital Partners to fulfill a vision of their design team for a visual enhancement to the Wells Fargo Center high rise business tower in Denver, CO. When completed, the displays presented dynamic experiential digital content to all building tenants and the general public.

The scale of the installation was the largest challenge. Not only was it important to maintain the lobby use by tenants and the public during construction, it was also important to keep the end result a surprise until its official launch.

From an engineering standpoint, considerable attention was given to both the weight loading and thermal implications of the nearly 200 4mm LED tiles hanging above the general public inside a glass atrium with over 300 days of sunshine beating in every afternoon.

To address the weight of the installation, steel ladder substructures were designed to hang from the overhead beams, the LED frames mounting to the ladders themselves. The support beams were flown just below the building structure high above the floor but, due to other restrictions limiting their dimensions, each beam was subject to a unique deflection when loaded. Therefore, the installation team was required to “pre-calculate” the position of the first LED tile on each column and systematically hang the balance of the tiles to get 100% accurate alignment across every pixel of the five arrays.

Diversified was able to take the client’s designer’s vision and turn it into reality by understanding not just the technology, but the manner in which the platform would be used and the viewer experience. In the end, the client provided a truly remarkable visual experience for their building tenants, the general public, and the city of Denver. It is a great example of how a vision does not have to be limited by technology or the physical challenges of a space.