Digital Signage Enables Collaboration for Health Information Provider

WebMD is a leading provider of health information services to consumers, physicians and healthcare professionals. When their New York City facilities couldn’t handle the demands of their growing business, they searched for a space that could accommodate the physical needs of their growing team and technology requirements. 

WebMD’s offices are located on two floors of a historic, 100-year-old building in downtown Manhattan. The centerpiece of the space is the Garden, a two-story atrium which serves as the focal point and central meeting space. Aside from functioning as an office gathering place, a critical requirement for the Garden was the capability to hold large, town hall meetings that could be attended by all associates as well as streamed to remote participants. A conference center was built around the Garden so that meeting rooms could function as stand-alone rooms as well as breakout spaces. The conference center is comprised of more than a dozen huddle rooms—each accommodating four to six users—in addition to eight conference rooms equipped with large displays and a mix of audio and video conferencing capabilities. The largest meeting room can accommodate twenty. 

At the center of the Garden is a twenty-foot-long video display that serves as the central focal point of the space, used by WebMD to share information about company events, news and local activities. In addition to the main display, Diversified provided multiple displays throughout the areas surrounding the Garden. These are used for overflow of the main display, and, through ClearOne’s View Pro digital signage system, they pull double duty by providing information on events, locations and other pertinent information. Several small, LED displays are inset into the rock walls that make up the seating areas within the Garden. These displays are used for digital signage as well as digital art. An audio system for a fitness center rounds out the amenities of the space. For easy accessibility in one space when performing routine checks and maintenance, the majority of AV equipment is housed in a central location.  

Ultimately, Diversified helped created a space that served the various needs of diverse business groups while offering associates a place to unwind, meet informally and collaborate.