W.L. Gore Capabilities Center

Immersive Exhibit Technology Helps to Tell the Story of Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork

W.L. Gore, award-winning developer and manufacturer of high-performance fluorocarbon polymers, set out to completely reinvent the tour experience within their W.L. Gore Capabilities Center while adding functionality and flexibility to existing systems. As a foundation, Gore was seeking a system that could meet the primary requirements of their Overview Tour, which features six main exhibits showcasing its corporate community and culture, focus on technology and product performance, and the story of the teams they work with. Thinking ahead, Gore also sought to expand the immersive exhibit technology to existing functionality to allow for any new use cases they could dream up in the future, including a science fair-style session showcasing IP content, a large audience board meeting, or social gatherings.

The systems needed to be incredibly reliable as they are used all day, every day for multiple tours and sessions. Additionally, the new systems and the content that they displayed needed to create a compelling experience and truly immerse the visitor in the story they were being told. To accomplish these goals, Diversified was brought into the project by Bluecadet, an experience strategy and design agency, who was responsible for not only redesigning the spatial experience but also generating all the custom, ultra-HD content and interactive applications.

“Diversified was a critical partner in the success of the Gore Capabilities Center. [They] designed and built a complex and elegant AV solution resulting in an incredibly successful project.”

Ellen Freifeld, Executive Producer, Bluecadet

Through systems expertise and years of proven experience, Diversified provided W.L. Gore the design, development, testing, fabrication, and deployment of the latest in immersive exhibit technology to include projection mapping, 4K LED video walls, interactive touch displays and high-performance media technology that turned Bluecadet’s experience design concept into a reality. What’s more, the duo was able to deliver this unique experience on an aggressive timeline of only three months.

Now reopened to the public, the newly upgraded Capabilities Center mirrors the forward-thinking nature of W.L. Gore itself with modern technology solutions and an incredibility compelling story that is sure to catch the eye of many for years to come.

Photo Credit: Bluecadet