Hard Rock Stadium

Video Control Room & Sound System Design Contribute to More Exciting Experience for Fans

Hard Rock Stadium is one of the premier venues in the NFL, in one of the most dynamic cities in the country. The stadium hosts the Miami Dolphins as well as some of the top bowl games, concerts and large events in the nation. It will also be home to Super Bowl LIV in 2020, celebrating the culmination of the league’s centennial 2019 season.

Diversified was thrilled to work with Hard Rock Stadium on a massive multi-phase renovation to make the game day experience more inclusive and exciting for the fans. Diversified was in a unique position to use their many resources and multi-faceted approach to integrate Hard Rock and solve the many challenges faced during the process. The project called for broadcast cabling, field sound and AV, large screen LED consultation, video control room and sound system design and integration, a preview center for prospective season ticket holders, and media asset management editing capability.

The project’s multi-phased approach, to be executed over three years, provided a multitude of challenges as far as scope and consistency. Diversified had to manage numerous areas of technology, all working in concert. The technical headquarters for the project was moved temporarily, which was a challenge as well. In all, the many moving pieces over a multi-year span required an air-tight project plan from the beginning. As pieces and players in the project changed, it was critical to know exactly where and what needed to be completed to stay on track. Also, working with multiple trades on the project with revised schedules meant we had to be flexible.

This was a comprehensive project that called for Diversified to utilize each area of our expertise. With our industry leading experience, Diversified successfully integrated each of these assets to make Hard Rock Stadium a modern and burgeoning venue that fans want to experience and the NFL wants to showcase