University of Oregon
Business Research Institute

Creating a Dedicated Research Facility to Foster
Student Learning Through AV Systems Design

The University of Oregon’s (UO) Business Research Institute (BRI) is a modern, industry-inspired facility created to expose students to research studies—whether they are participating in a focus group or observing behind one-way glass. The BRI is also a hub for connecting businesses and researchers from around the world, who leverage the facility for qualitative research, including focus groups and in-depth interviews; experimental and survey research; consumer behavior studies; regional, national and international collaborative video conferences and seminars; and corporate workshops.

The facility’s design fosters the most sophisticated collaboration, research and experiments. AV throughout the space includes interactive whiteboards, large flat panel LCDs, a twenty-station computer laboratory, touchscreen wireless control panels, ceiling-mounted PTZ cameras, in-ceiling speakers and button microphones, CCTV feeds, centralized and secure recording and data storage, and video conferencing and teleconferencing systems spread throughout the BRI’s five main areas: the HEDCO Foundation Research Laboratory, the ESI Collaboration Studio, the small group room, the control room, and the reception area.

Notable usage of the space was by those who participated in the MBA Internship Project in Shanghai. The BRI’s videoconferencing capabilities were critical for introductions, objective setting and other important preliminary work with the Head of Asia Pacific Division and senior management. When students arrived in Shanghai for the eight-week internship, they were ready to hit the ground running. The project was expedited and efficient due to the type of work that could be done in the BRI prior to the group arriving in China.

The BRI’s AV capabilities foster these types of international business relationships—as well as those locally—and ignite a passion for research and learning in students. In this educational and professional environment, cutting-edge audio/video shines as the centerpiece technology that makes it all possible.