St. Peter’s Hospital

Surgical Suite Integration Maximizes Existing Assets & Drives Workflow Efficiencies

In recent years St. Peter’s Hospital made dramatic improvements across their entire hospital including surgical suite integration and upgrades. Many of these suites support minimally invasive surgical capabilities using robotic, computer-assisted and image guided surgery technologies. The hospital’s objectives for the surgical suite integration upgrades were four-fold and included:

  • Maximizing the life of their existing assets (C-Arms, Endoscopic Systems, etc.)
  • Improving procedure workflow efficiency
  • Ensuring forward compatibility with new, emerging technology (4K Endoscopic Video)
  • Phasing the upgrades over time to minimize impact to their patient care schedule

Diversified consulted with St. Peter’s Hospital and demonstrated the CORIS® IPS2™, the company’s exclusive IP-based, operating room video over IP (Internet Protocol) integration solution. The CORIS® IPS2™ is a FDA Class 1 Listed Medical Device that takes traditional methods of clinical integration to a new level of excellence allowing for integration of vendor-neutral and vintage-agnostic technologies within the surgical space. St. Peter’s Hospital determined the product met all their objectives and collaborated with Diversified to integrate CORIS® IPS2™ initially across 8 surgical suites then an additional 14 suites including cardio vascular and hybrid procedure suites. Integration will expand to include collaboration, coordination and communications tools creating a virtualized ecosystem.

To minimize the impact on patient care, Diversified managed the surgical suite integration over the weekend and worked through the night to ensure the systems were fully tested for use on Monday morning. A Diversified technical resource delivered the in-service training and observed the St. Peter’s Hospital team throughout their first day using the CORIS® IPS2™. The intuitive user interface enabled St. Peter’s Hospital operating room team to quickly understand and utilize the system with minimal training and support.

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