T-Mobile Park

Major League Stadium Control Room Upgrade Improves Fan Experience

T-Mobile Park, home to the Seattle Mariners, began its life with a technology core built around SD serial digital. The LED scoreboard, with static signage on either side, provided pleasant, but limited fan engagement. Almost two decades into its lifespan, a retrofit came calling. Several challenges faced the project from the outset. Working from the Mariner’s VP of Marketing’s vision, Diversified and the Mariners internal team developed a plan to tackle them all.

The scoreboard was to be a massive 202′ in width and needed to display dynamic digital advertising and, in opportune moments, transition to full-screen video. Diversified developed a pixel-to-pixel scoreboard specification matching a 4K width with an HD height. This exact pixel count scoreboard limited scaling requirements, providing optimum and succinct viewing clarity. Using Christie Spyder technology, production servers, Ross Xpression graphic systems and a Ross Vision Production switcher, the scoreboard’s content transitions at the touch of a button. From a static player headshot, statistical layout with scorecard and advertising to a full-screen slow-motion replay, the scoreboard transitions provide fans with constantly changing content and fit the needs of the moment.

The second challenge came with control room space planning and design. The original production space’s design included closets, sheet-rocked pillars and other obstructions making the creative space disjointed and views problematic. Beginning with the various operator requirements and positions, adjoining spaces and technology, Diversified designed a space providing both an open and functional work environment.

Diversified’s role in the scoreboard technology implementation cannot be understated. Traditionally a design-build integration firm, Diversified generated the LED specification, writing the RFP for multiple competing vendors. Additionally, the seamless marriage between the LED system and the technology driving it cannot be overstated. Diversified’s involvement on both the design and system integration and deployment assured the Mariners of this harmony.