New Century Productions

Advanced Multi-Format Production Trucks Support Sports and Entertainment Events

The demand for HDTV coverage of live television events has created a major incentive for mobile production companies to put more multi-format production trucks on the road. New Century chose Diversified to assist in engineering and integrating their mobile production trucks.

Traditionally, the mobile production market uses two distinct truck designs—those geared toward entertainment events (concerts, conventions, etc.) and those specialized for sporting events. Although equipment and format requirements have differed for these two types of vehicles, new technologies are driving toward a one-design fleet, flexible enough to allow coverage of a wide variety of events by a common truck design.

New Century required two production units to be commissioned. The trucks were built at Diversified’s Santa Clara, California integration facility. Diversified’s design and integration teams have arguably more experience in the mobile production market than any other firm in the United States and completed both of these projects in less than nine weeks.

By utilizing an experienced leader in this field, NCP launched very high quality vehicles on a short timeline and kept their own engineering staff focused toward ongoing operations and existing business.

New Century, founded in 1984, now operates nine mobile production units, including NCP VII and NCP IV. While NCP IV is similar in design to its first HD truck, NCP VII was designed to handle the largest shows in television and built for weekly network sports productions. ESPN, CBS and FOX are the primary clients for these mobile production units.