Liz Davis

President of Digital Solutions

Liz Davis has been reshaping the digital media landscape for the past 15 years, driving innovation and educating the market on the digital revolution.  Throughout her career, she has been on the forefronts of creative and technology advancements.  As President of Diversified’s Digital Solutions business unit, her team is focused on optimizing media supply chain and building IPTV distributions that drive digital media experiences.

Through her leadership at Diversified, JB&A, Magnet Media and AbelCine, Liz has continuously helped companies navigate emerging technologies to grow their business. Focusing on the intersection of technology and psychology in media supply chain, she has collaborated with leading brands to realize their growth potential—maximizing ROIs and enabling an AGILE creative workforce.  Looking towards the future of consumer needs, client goals and technological possibilities, she is uniquely suited to drive the development of the digital future we don’t even know we need and want yet.