NEC Display Solutions of America

Executive Briefing Center Provides Collaborative Environments to Promote Engaging Dialog

The executive briefing center at NEC Display Solutions of America’s new Chicago headquarters is a collaborative environment that promotes engaging dialog between associates, clients and partners. Featuring 10 client-centric vignettes, the briefing center showcases technology solutions for transportation, healthcare, education, retail, command and control, corporate, and large venues. Diversified’s expertise across audio video systems, digital signage, and large venue integration contributed greatly to the successful implementation of NEC’s technologies within each of the vignettes.

Integration of the Executive Briefing Center

The EBC required precise coordination among partners to ensure the technology integration aligned with NEC’s vision. “With a lot of different technologies packed into one space, the Briefing Center had several unique requirements,” said Ryan O’Halloran, Director of Advanced Visual Environments at Diversified. “NEC’s specialty product managers, together with our engineers and partners, worked hard to produce a pristine space where NEC Display can showcase what they do in a flexible yet simple way.” Some of the vignettes include:

  • The large conference room which depicts how global organizations connect with effective collaboration utilizing NEC C981Q display.
  • For large venues a flexible hall-style system illustrates how to connect to an audience via live performance, cinema or lecture presentation utilizing NEC NC2041L laser projectors.
  • The modern retail environment highlights effective ways high-end content and real-time software analytics connect brands to their shoppers utilizing NEC TileMatrix video wall, NEC C-Series displays and kiosks.
  • The public display vignette shows how to harness technology to connect with guests in lobbies and other common areas featuring the NEC F Series direct-view LED.

The executive briefing center does a remarkable job of demonstrating the professional applications for NEC’s broad line of products and promoting engagement.