Intercontinental Exchange

Intuitive, Dependable Conference Room Technology Delivers Reliability

The Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), a network for clearing houses, markets and technology , required dependable presentation systems throughout their general meeting spaces, designed with collaborative technologies in their vision of the
new space. Diversified was selected as the design build partner based on their understanding of the client’s needs, their ability to execute a large project over an extended period of time and their reputation for working well with a large and diverse set of project stakeholders.

With more than 75 conference rooms and a fully utilized IT support team, it was important that the rooms were easy to use for a presenter regardless of their technical skill. Each collaborative space required seamless integration of technology into the
architecture, while also needing a minimal in-room credenza to house AV technology. ICE also had special-use spaces requiring purpose-built systems for network and security ops centers, as well as building-wide digital signage and cable head end systems and streaming distribution network.

Diversified included ICE’s IT team in every step of the decision-making process in order to ensure a uniform conference room technology systems. Meeting spaces now possess a standardized, reliable user experience complete with a common control interface with a “drag and drop” user interface. ICE’s main entrance boasts a new 11’ x 1’ ultranarrow bezel video wall protected by a glass front on the face, creating a signature video element. Content is created and scheduled through a custom multi-output digital signage player. The main reception floor also contains an 11-room conference center for external meetings, requiring a higher finish quality.

Every space meets the seamless integration and intuitive criteria for a common control interface and the ability for all rooms to shut down automatically. Reliable technology platforms, coupled with a responsive client service agreement, have made the day-to-day operation a manageable routine. The presenters can now focus their meeting objectives, confident that the presentation systems will work.