Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

Design And Construct For A Range Of Meeting, Conference, Live Event And Function Services

The Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (PCEC) sought out to upgrade its conferencing and digital signage solutions and engaged Diversified as the technology solutions provider for the job.

A PADS4 digital signage solution was selected to display content across 38 digital screens throughout the Centre, connected by a central server on the PCEC network, which included the server software and authoring software. All digital content, including room bookings, advertising and menu options, is individually addressable on each screen.

In addition, two 4×55-inch screen displays were installed on a customized bracket in each of the foyers and Riverside Theatre areas. Fourteen 32-inch displays were wall-mounted in meeting and river rooms, as well as fourteen 40-inch displays wall mounted in level one and across kiosks.

An administration PC is housed in the kiosk area, which was loaded with the PADS4 authoring software, allowing for content scheduling.

Diversified also designed the content for the PCEC signage, a design suite that is clear, concise and effectively communicates important information to visitors. The content included an array of templates to cater to the venue’s extensive communication requirements, whether it is welcome messages, wayfinding or promotion of events.

Working alongside key PCEC stakeholders, Diversified designed digital signage solutions, content and templates for PADS4, allowing the client to design, schedule and distribute any type of content and have it displayed wherever, whenever they want.