Georgia Tech

Montrieul Lab Collaborative Classroom to Discover New Methodologies and Applications

Dr. Benoit Montreuil is leading the International Physical Internet Initiative, collaborating with students to research and develop innovative methodologies and technologies enabling businesses to thrive in a hyper-connected world. His lab needed to foster collaboration between users and allow them to access and interact with data both locally and from the Institution’s server farm.

Overall, the space required sophisticated, collaborative classroom technologies in a setting that would be ergonomically designed and visually stunning. To ensure optimum usage, users would be provided with comprehensive training on the system’s functionality.

The centerpiece of the thoughtfully-designed space is the Planar 4 x 2 video wall capable of displaying up to eight distinct sources, managed and scaled by a video processor. A robust video-over-IP routing and distribution system powered by multiple SVSi encoders and decoders allow flow of data from the servers to the lab. The system is port-agnostic, enabling smooth transitions as any encoder can be connected to a data jack and displayed.

Flanking the video wall are two 84” interactive SMART Boards with annotative capabilities, each with a dedicated PC. They can also display any source as required. Two 55” NEC LED LCDs and Four Epson Brightlink Projectors with whiteboard and annotation functionality provide additional collaborative surfaces throughout.

An AMX Control System featuring two 20” Modero Panels and a 9” Modero Wireless Panel provides elegant access to the Lab’s lighting, shades and content. The UI offers presets of various video wall configurations.

The system’s design, expertly integrated and intuitively programmed by Diversified, provides Dr. Montreuil and his team creative access to the information and technologies which fuel his groundbreaking work. The new lab, which fosters a collaborative environment complete with striking visual displays and comprehensive collaborative technologies, allows its users to research and develop ideas effectively.