The Belonging Co.

High Impact Church AVL System Integration Delivers Global Reach for First Permanent Home

The Belonging Co (TBCo), founded in 2010 and one of the fastest growing and most influential worship movements in the U.S., sought to expand its reach in its hometown of Nashville, TN with its first permanent facility. Transforming the existing warehouse with limited trim height and structural columns throughout into a world class performance venue would require the Diversified team to think outside the box at every turn to best represent TBCo’s unique mission and DNA. The Diversified team collaborated closely with the client, facilitating product auditions for critical elements of the system prior to the church AVL system integration. The auditions including loudspeakers, cameras, video core and the LED video wall. A d&b KSL loudspeaker system, one of the first to be installed in a church in the world, creates extremely high fidelity while maintaining consistent room coverage. For the online audience, whose numbers exceed those in person, a ten camera UHD cinematic broadcast video system bolsters TBCo’s well known, interactive experience as well as the in-room presentation. Additionally, a large Brompton-based LED wall from THOR: and robust stage and house lighting system immerse the live audience.

Equally important to the church was a strong, flexible foundation based on a hybrid touring infrastructure for various programming with extensive fiber and copper tie lines. A Riedel Artist Matrix Intercom system connects the production team with the artists onstage, allowing the worship team to flow alongside as a cohesive group in ways never before possible. Diversified also provided church AVL system integratation in a youth space & multi-purpose meeting rooms, as well as circulation AV for the entire facility.

In just six years, this culture-shaping church has grown to also include a worship collective, a conference and even a college. This new facility has provided a much needed permanent home to support the growing movement and has already been hailed one of the best sounding and looking rooms in a town known as “Music City.”

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