PAC-12 Network

Broadcast Studio Control Room Delivers High Impact

The Pac-12 Network, the diversified and integrated content and media parent company of the Pac-12 Conference, was built from the ground-up as a new network. Like the universities and Division I college sports teams this network represents, they wanted an innovative, tech savvy and sports driven headquarter facility as the physical embodiment of their brand.

Diversified partnered with the PAC-12 Network for the design and implementation of their 24/7 digital media and TV broadcast studio control room. The technical systems are designed to leverage the combined assets of each member school with multiple facilities on each campus networked to the broadcast studio control room in their San Francisco headquarters. Equipped with multiple studios, production, post production and broadcast equipment, executive, departmental, administrative offices and work spaces as well as rack and mechanical rooms; this facility is capable of handling multiple live or recorded events simultaneously.

Due to the nature of college sports the acquisition system had to be properly sized for the large amount of traffic on the weekends. The assets then have to be produced, entered into the asset management system, and scheduled for distribution via both traditional broadcast and over the internet. The finished project delivers high impact for viewers and optimized workflows driving efficiency for the PAC-12 technical team.