Seneca College Newnham Campus

Audio Visual Upgrade for a Multi-Purpose Teaching and Conference Space Within a Tight Timeline

With the projected use of this room becoming more multi-purposed, Seneca College needed to upgrade the audio visual and lighting systems to accommodate the requirements of a multi-purpose setting.

Two 6×3 video walls, featuring 55” NEC ultra-thin bezel displays, were custom wall-mounted at the front of each room in addition to six 70” and 55” displays mounted in strategic areas throughout both rooms for optimal viewing. Two height-adjustable motorized podiums were provided with embedded touchscreen control and NEC confidence monitors. The podiums also included gooseneck microphones, client supplied PCs and connection points for guest speaker laptops. Lastly, the system included two surface mount partition sensors to sense movable wall positioning, two keypad lighting control panels at the main doors, an upgraded audio system, a live mixing console with digital audio head end and one DMX lighting controller.

Additionally, this multi-purpose room needed to have the flexibility to be converted on the fly with limited technical support, if any. To make this happen, the Diversified team created two room modes that are automatically detected by remote sensors located at two points along the movable wall track. When the movable wall is closed, the system automatically operates as two separate rooms—each totally independent from the other. When the movable wall is fully open, the sensors cue the system to operate as one large room giving the user access to all room components including all possible input locations and all output displays.

The presenter is given the ability to control all room functions via a 10” touch screen control panel located in each podium. The presenter can select which source to send to any or all of the room displays.

Lastly, a final audio feature is a mobile audio mixing console which will be used for special events when auxiliary audio connections are to be added to the system.